Morbid Bowler Purses from Sourpuss

This summer I am going to be traveling quite a bit. No haunted mansions or abandoned castles, but I'll be visiting other friends who enjoy the same eerie stuff as me. I unfortunately missed out on my opportunity to see The Cure this year! Maybe there will be a show or two my friends will have in mind to make up for it.

One thing I always neglect to think about is having a decent purse for traveling. I don't want a petite clutch for large amounts of traveling. That's when I found these wicked bowler purses from Sourpuss on Amazon. These are large enough to keep a book and other abominable items on me at all times.

Honestly, this Strange Girls bowler purse is too perfect. Not only do I appreciate the retro art, but the caption "see the two headed... and her strange girls" is something I can appreciate. Admittedly, I am surrounded by some ghastly and strange women, whom I love dearly. I laughed when I saw "drinks like a fish, curses like a sailor" since that applies to me as well. I think it works for summer since there is that strange mer-lobster-lady on the front!

I have a cousin who was a tattoo apprentice and I really wish she was still doing it, because this bag is awesome! For all tattoo lovers, this is clearly a bag you may want to consider getting. The dark humor, such as "tattoos hurt... tipping doesn't" make this Sailor's Ruin bowler bag that much better. I think the skull crunching on the heart and crossbones gives it quite the edge. The vibe it gives off is more of a hard ass, which you have to be as a tattoo artist.

It's so hard to pick which one is my favorite, because this Memento Mori bowler purse is delightfully ominous. I can really see and feel the impending doom this bag is trying to portray. Even though these are matryoshka dolls on the front, the fact that they used three really reminds me of The Fates in Greek mythology. There is no better and creepier way of counting down the time of your death than with an hourglass.

If I had a lady friend who was a mortician, I would buy this Workin Stiffs bowler bag right now. "Workin' Stiffs" is still making me giggle - it has been at least 5 minutes. It's perfect for all admirers of death and science. Only morbid minds with a sense of humor are going to enjoy this purse.

For travel or everyday, I do recommend this style of purse. Mostly because they are large enough to store all your dark essential supplies. Not only that, but these bowler purses are hilarious, and macabre. Take a look at more bowler purses from Sourpuss on Amazon. Comment down below and tell me which one you would proudly wear.