New Album from The Swans: The Glowing Man

Just released yesterday, The Swan's fourteenth album, "The Glowing Man".

You can read more about the album at Consequence of Sound and at the record label's page, Young God Records.

Track Listing for The Glowing Man:

  • 1. "Cloud of Forgetting" (12:43)
  • 2. "Cloud of Unknowing" (25:12)
  • 3. "The World Looks Red/The World Looks Black" (14:27)
  • 4. "People Like Us" (4:32)
  • 5. "Frankie M." (20:58)
  • 6. "When Will I Return?" (5:26)
  • 7. "The Glowing Man" (28:50)
  • 8. "Finally, Peace." (6:15)

The Glowing Man on YouTube:

"When Will I Return?"

"The Glowing Man/Black Hole Man" Live in Kiev 10-17-2015

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Glowing Man Lyrics:

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The Glowing Man is available in MP3, CD or Vinyl format on Amazon.