New Outfits from Kreepsville 666 for Summer

I know most of us are going to be waiting until we can go outside during the evening when the heat isn't too intense. A lot of us are going to dress casually rather than the typical elaborate underworld goddess wear I normally post (It's just so pretty!)

These new outfits by Kreepsville 666 on Amazon are casual enough for all summer activities. They all have classic horror goth prints that we can all enjoy

Don't you love that gooey green color for this Night of The Living Dead tank dress? It's the best zombie color! It definitely works for the cover picture from the movie.

I actually had to double take when I saw this The Dark Coffin maxi dress. Elvira's legs where your legs are supposed to be just freaks me out. I am torn because Elvira isn't the same without those long, spidery, gorgeous legs!

If you're looking for a casual dress without a giant print, then this Elvira Mistress Of The Dark pencil dress is a great option. I like how it sits a little below your shoulders. The mysterious and dark allure would be awesome for a nightclub.

I know a few ladies who would love to get this Serial Killer pink flare dress. If you go somewhere with ultraviolet light, those bright pink highlights are going to pop. Especially the skull, which would look really creepy! This dress has a lot of attitude.

I could wear this web skater skirt with anything. It's simple and edgy, but it looks really comfortable. I want to know where to find fishnets like the ones in the picture. I love the extra webbing!

I'll be honest, I don't have enough Vampira sleeveless tees. I love her chic and seductive style. I can already hear her blood curdling scream!

I am in love with this Vampira cocktail tee. With this I can display my pride in cocktails and a macabre classic. I have to admit that I really like this vintage cartoon style, it takes me back!

It's raining blood, hallelujah, on this Vampira shoulder top! Plus you could wear that web skater skirt and spook up your outfit a little more.

I know I would wear this Elvira over-sized slouch tee all the time. It's comfortable and edgy enough to look pretty punk. Her eyes are so alluring on this print!

Rock your living dead girl love with this Rot N Rule shoulder tee. This isn't a design that I particularly enjoy, but I do like the zombie girl.

Keep it casual this summer with new outfits by Kreepsville 666 on Amazon. There are lots of prints of classic goth characters or rockabilly themes. Plus the cuts of the dresses, shirts, and skirts are edgy and obscure. Do you like any of these clothing items? Comment below!