Odd Dark Shoes from Hot Chocolate Design

I don't know about you, but sometimes the best thing you can do to spoil yourself is getting a great pair of shoes. I've been looking for some darker and expressive flats for a long time and I think I've finally found it. Hot Chocolate Design on Amazon has so many deliciously wicked shoes that are perfect for ladies like us!

I instantly thought of Silent Hill when I saw these Horror Lolita shoes. Normally I wouldn't like bright colors, but I can't help but love the vivid blood stains all over it! Plus the one eyed nurse looks so mischievous.

The beautiful grey, white, and black stripes on these Eternal Love flats are so cute. Plus, the red Victorian ornament brings it all together. Does the male skeleton look like he's smirking to you?

This Frank's Bride Mary Jane platform is hysterical. I wonder who took what first! I bet you it was Frankenstein, that's why she had to take the bolt out of his neck! This is a great shoe for all horror lovers.

I'm a sucker for polka dots, I hate to say it. I'm not sure how I feel about the dominatrix on this Petunia shoes. I do love that it looks like it was lined with black lace. These are some sassy shoes for a sassy lady.

Black and white is always perfect for me! These Simonette flats are gorgeous with the cross and lady silhouette feature. Plus the hounds-tooth pattern goes well with the lacy Victorian look. It's classy and edgy.

If I felt the need to camouflage with society but sneak my inner creep, these Flora La Muerte mary jane flats are great. You almost can't even see the cackling skull! These are very artistic. I would put the design on my walls!

Got a sweet tooth? Take a look at these Candy Skull shoes! The dichotomy between candy and chocolate is really cute on the skulls!

I'm actually quite amazed with how many styles and prints Hot Chocolate Design has on Amazon. Which one do you like the most? I think I enjoy the Simonette flats the most. Comment below!


  1. Did you see their maryjane pumps? I bought a pair for my wedding.


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