Secret Wonderland Gothic BJD Dolls

I wish I was brave enough to wear cute little Lolita dresses like they do in Japan. Their outfits are so adorable and dreary. Since I'm not brave enough to wear it myself, why not get some Gothic-Loli dolls? These vinyl BJD Ex Cute Secret Wonderland dolls are all very unique, and represent Gothic Lolita fashion so adorably!

This is such a cute outfit. The black ribbons and white lace are stunning. I love that this Ex Cute Secret Wonderland Miu doll looks like a maid for a haunted house. She's not horrifying at all, and not all things supernatural are dangerous.

An even darker version of a maid would be this Ex Cute Secret Wonderland Aika doll. Her really dark bluish purple hair is gorgeous. I want to dye my hair that color someday! The doll's expression is a little eerie. Her smile doesn't seem like a welcoming one, more like a "I dare you" kind of grin.

The Ex Cute Secret Little Wonderland Chisa has the best stockings! I can't believe how intricate the lace on her stockings is. That is some amazing skill! The pearls are a great touch of Victorian fashion.

The Ex Cute Secret Wonderland Koron doll is like the albino version of the one above. Her ghostly attributes are absolutely gorgeous. I love her long white hair topped by her over-sized white bow.

When I originally saw this Ex Cute Secret Little Wonderland Aoto doll it reminded me of Ciel from Black Butler. There aren't a lot of boy dolls or characters that dress up in a dark Victorian outfit. He's cute and creepy all at the same time.

You know that sweet face actually has something devious behind it. The Ex Cute Secret Little Wonderland Nina is decorated with the most amazing lacy dress. I personally like her choker more than the one above. It looks more luxurious.

This Ex Cute Secret Wonderland Lien doll is probably my favorite. Her tombstone purse is brilliant and I want one for myself! She has the best boots out of all the dolls in my opinion. As much as I love all the cute bows, I think her hat is way cooler!

What do you think of these cute Ex Cute Secret Wonderland dolls? If anything I would love to have their outfits, but these dolls do them more justice. Even little cuties can be ominous! Comment down below and tell me what you think of these BJDs!


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