Steampunk Shop of the Week: Lily Mairi

I feel as though I have been neglecting my steampunk audience as it has been a long time since I've done anything related to the topic. I'm always running into amazing steampunk items as I search through the depths of the internet. When I saw these awesome steampunk accessories by Lily Mairi on Etsy, I instantly knew I needed to show you guys.

This is just the perfect gift for anyone who loves steampunk jewelry. The steampunk butterfly necklace has a simple design, but is very elegant. I wonder how small the gears are and if they rotate. That would be an instant buy for me.

As someone who has an odd love for clocks, this steampunk griffon necklace really appeals to me. First off, I adore how tarnished all the faces look. Next, the wacky numbers that intermingle with the clocks is just eerie in a way.

I think this White Rabbit necklace is very clever. I don't know what it is about Alice in Wonderland that makes me think steampunk, but it's really fitting. Maybe it's the Mad Tea Party? I just find that those two worlds are very similar. When they collide together it's more fantastic.

Speaking of Alice, this marsala and ivory fascinator is something I can picture the Queen of Hearts wearing. I love the classic Victorian key that lays on the very top.

The idea of using these brown and brass fascinators as wedding brooches is very enticing to me. If you want to have a steampunk wedding or have a kid who wants to show off their steampunk pride for prom, I definitely would recommend these. I would love to see these being used for that purpose!

When I saw this octopus fascinator my mind was racing with all kinds of stories. The jeweled octopus might signify a certain group of people. There are no gears on this one, but it still notes Victorian style.

I love the idea of wearing faux bird wing fascinator on one side of your head. Even better would be to use this as a "half mask." My favorite part has to be the face of the clock integrated with it. The lace that embellishes the feather is also gorgeous.

What do you think of these stunning steampunk accessories by Lily Mairi on Etsy? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.