Tim Burton Movie Themed Candles

It's never too hot to light candles, especially Tim Burton themed candles. Would you really want to light them though? That is a legitimately tough question! I'm super ecstatic that I found these Tim Burton candles on Etsy! These are great for decorating your house all year round.

We all know that the Jack and Sally candles are a must have. I don't think I could bear the thought of watching Sally's face melt into oblivion. I think these would be so great to have at a goth wedding! Jack as the groom and Sally as the bride, one of the best couples to truly live(ish).

I suppose I would feel okay with lighting an Oogie Boogie candle. Fire is one way of getting rid of the mischievous Mr. Boogie rather than taking him apart thread by thread.

I love this Lock, Shock and Barrel candle set. This devious trio would look perfect above my fireplace. That way they could give me some dim lighting for my very suspenseful books. I love ominous lighting while reading a good horror novel!

This would be another great couple for a wedding: Corpse Bride candles! Nothing is more romantic than being willing to die for your partner. Especially when she is already dead!

I may need to have these Coraline candles in my life, because it would honor two of my favorite people. Clearly Tim Burton is wonderful, but I love Neil Gaiman. I love reading this book to some of my nieces from time to time. It's a fun, dark, adventure!

Any Tim Burton lover out there would love these Tim Burton candles on Etsy. They're fun, memorable, and great for gifts! Which Tim Burton movie is your favorite? I'd love to hear about it. Mine is clearly Nightmare Before Christmas.