Ammunition Couture's Avant Garde Gothic Fashions

For any creative goth dressers out there, you may want to check this out. Ammunition Couture on Etsy has all kinds of latex garments that are one of a kind. It'll enhance any boring outfit and give it that edge you're looking for. These pieces are sophisticated and feisty - take a closer look.

For us pale souls, this latex bonnet would provide shade. Though, now that I think about it, hopefully it's not too hot to wear. This is definitely an eye catching piece and has some disturbing features. I've never seen anything like this before.

I love this slick and sheen latex corset. Sometimes lace and wire is absolutely dreadful to wear. I have a feeling latex would provide more comfort.

I can see this pewter latex ensemble being used in a horror science fiction film. Possibly for a better Queen of the Damned movie? The poofy sleeves remind me of vintage Victorian dresses. Sttunning!

I couldn't help but show one of the classics for punk and goth clothing - a black rubber cuff. It's thick, adjustable, and a great accessory for your already unique attire.

This may seem overly simple, but that means you can let your mind go to all the dark places to enhance this piece. Or use the black harness to enhance an outfit.

Clearly this black chain harness would give all your outfits a hard edge. It reminds me of something an executioner would wear. Definitely a bad ass piece of clothing.

Another uncommon piece is this latex cinch belt. It looks like a piece of armor. A woman with a mysterious and strong personality would do well wearing it.

These are very gorgeous latex accessories and garments. There are a lot of things I have never seen before and they are one of a kind. Check out Ammunition Couture on Etsy and comment below on what your favorite piece is.