Beautiful and Elegant Gothic Victorian Jewelry from Venezuela

Ask any of my friends if I need more jewelry and they will all shake their heads. I admit it, I have more than I know what to do with. It still won't stop me from at least looking and frankly, you can't have enough Gothic Victorian jewelry! If you're looking for elegant dark jewelry, Etsy store Bloody Mary Accesorios will provide!

The black jewel on this Victorian choker is almost soulless. It's like sucking all the light out of your surroundings. The Victorian shapes around the jewel make it look like a scrying mirror. It's gorgeous and looks very ominous!

I'm so excited to see a lacy choker! This Gothic Lolita choker has a black heart lace design I am in love with. The pearl like jewel in the center is also beautiful. I don't think I can pull off the Lolita look, but I know a few ladies who would appreciate this piece as a gift!

This is an amazing piece of jewelry! The Gothic Vampire choker has some amazing beads. The red crystals just scream blood to me. Vampires are incredibly elegant, so the red roses and black lace flowers are a nice touch. I could wear this for Halloween.

I don't honestly own a whole lot of purple jewelry. Something about this Victorian choker is sticking with me, maybe it's because there's a pentacle which appeals to my witchy side. Rather than a woodsy look, the black satin petals on this choker edges on malevolent forces at work.

I have so many pieces like this Triple Moon Goddess necklace. This one has more intricate details than what I have, but the jewels are a little too big for my taste. I do like the Victorian take on such a classic symbol.

Again, a beautiful bloody looking vampire Countess Victorian necklace. It's subtle, but there's actually a crown above the jewel signifying royalty! I like the fact that this is a necklace over a choker. There's only so long I feel comfortable in a choker. The design is exquisite and exudes nobility.

Out of all these pieces, which one is your favorite? I really like their style and of course how inexpensive it is! Check out other items by Bloody Mary Accesorios on Etsy. Comment down below and tell me your thoughts on all this jewelry!