Beautiful and Somber Gothic and Horror Art by Michael Brack

This artist on Etsy, Michael Brack uses all kinds of mediums. I tend to like oil paintings over sketches. When I see an artist whose art I love but it's in pencil, I get bummed out. I love it when they have different options to choose from. Take a look at the dark and sinister brain of Michael Brack down below.

I know that this Matryoshka may be about breaking through your shell, but I instantly thought of Chernobyl. It looks so dreary and abandoned just like the site of Chernobyl. Also, many children died or were "abandoned" by their country, left feeling empty. That's my interpretation of this painting, which is probably incredibly wrong. I still enjoy it's sadness and dreary tones.

For those who like ink drawings, The Crypt art is a delightfully disturbing piece! I would love to visit a crypt that looks exactly like this. It would be cool to see an array of skeletons and open caskets in an old crypt.

I couldn't pass up this water color painting The Witching Hour. Not only for the association with Anne Rice, but also because during the witching hour, or midnight, it is said mysterious and magical things happen. It's also my most active time of night!

I'm not entirely sure why, but this oil painting, Presence, really stuck with me. I think it's because I can relate to feeling like something eerie is lurking just around the corner. Sometimes I do question if there are strange and foul things living in the walls and perhaps watching me? Even so, this doesn't strike a bad chord with me. In fact, it's oddly welcoming.

This is such an elegant ink drawing. I really enjoy the creepy trees in the background of the Princess of Mist. I know that this is his particular style, but I wish that the ghost was less "anime" looking and had a more Victorian style? This is my preference, of course.

I love this watercolor painting, Necropolis. Can't you see the City of the Dead looking as sinister as this? The colors are absolutely amazing and compliment each other. I love the girl with the mask playfully tiptoeing around the wasted skeletons. She looks mischievous, kind of like Lock from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I personally think this is one of the most bad ass interpretations of Cthulhu that I've seen. The voids all around his body make me feel like he is going to ooze chaotic destruction. The details are amazing!

There are plenty of other pieces to take a look at. I just listed a variety so that you could get a feel for the artist's diversity. Plus Michael Brack covers all kinds of dark themes, such as ghosts, zombies, witches, and other hellish creatures. Take a look at his other works and comment down below what you think! I'm curious as to which ones you guys like. I honestly like Presence the best!