Caitlin McCarthy's Hauntingly Beautiful Dark Art

As I go into my dark and cool basement, hiding from the sunshine, I decide to browse Etsy for some more art. I found some dreary and disturbing ink work that makes for great greeting cards. Take a look at these enigmatic pieces by Caitlin McCarthy on Etsy.

I love how beautifully eerie this digital print is. A lot of my Wiccan friends wound love this Season of the Witch print as a card.

I feel like her third eye is searching through my soul. It's incredibly creepy! This Oracle print would be great on your walls to give your room a more mystical and freaky aura. Or your friends can open it up as a card and be surprised by this all-seeing eye in their face!

Wouldn't this be a great card for the family during the holidays? I don't think some of my family members would appreciate this devilish Krampus card. Merry Krampus!

For a holiday I am incredibly excited for, The Witches print is a dark and whimsical card idea. Especially if you have a sister or two that you feel bonded with, or even cursed with.

Doesn't this woman look like she's in the middle of a seance? The way her eyes are creepily rolled back look like she's entranced. This Beyond the Veil print is oddly alluring.

I love this testament to Mary Shelley and the castle in the background. Since her birthday is slowly creeping up (August 30th) it would be a cool gift idea for your horror writer or reader friends.

This is something I haven't seen in a while: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow print. I think the illustration is loosely based on the Johnny Depp movie. I love the Beetlejuice-like stripes on Katrina's top.

Most of the art has a bit of a Tim Burton feel, especially since most of the characters have dark eyelids that look incredibly somber. If you're looking for simple and stunning artwork for your home, office, or just a greeting card, take a look at Caitlin McCarthy on Etsy. Is there any that you prefer over the rest? It honestly is a difficult choice for me, because they're all so perfectly macabre.