Coming Soon - More Cute Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz Toys

Let's continue our obsessive Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz collection by adding the next set! I'm really excited because I have Sally and Jack already. You will be very happy to see who is going to be in the next set!

That ax through his head may have made him a little off, but the Behemoth Dorbz figure is oddly cute. I've seen this movie so many times, but I think a lot of people would overlook this poor guy.

You can't have the Oogie Boogie Dorbz without one of his minions: Lock. He's my favorite little weirdo.

The Shock figure needs to be included if you decide to get Lock! She is so devious, but it's hard to see that when she looks so innocent in Dorbz form.

I'm glad you can see Barrel's pearly whites rather than a cute little grin. I want all three of them to come in a set!

These Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz are awesome! I want to get them all and set them up at my desk. Are there any characters you want in Dorbz form? Tell me about it down below.