Dark Gothic Art Dolls from Enchanted Oaks

I'm always on the lookout for creepy and curious art. When I saw these art dolls by Enchanted Oaks on Etsy I knew I needed to show you guys. I haven't seen any dark fairy dolls that I fell in love with until now. Come take a look at these mysterious and Gothic fairy art dolls.

It's very clear with this The Red Hart doll that these are pieces of art. She is absolutely elegant and very alluring. She looks like she wanders through bloody rose gardens. I love the beads hanging from her antlers.

This art doll looks like she was forsaken eons ago. The To Dream Darkly doll reminds me of an angel of death decorated with poppies. Poppies represent sleep, peace, and death. She looks like she is holding a goblet in the shape of a flower, which is really gorgeous.

If you're looking for a spooky doll, I think Her Guiltless Ghost doll is a great option. Her tattered garb and headdress just enhance how old she is. The poem associated with her is really pretty.

This Blackthorn/Dark Sister of the May doll looks so wicked! I love her thorny crown and dark clothing. Her fingertips are also claw-like. She definitely represents the dark parts of this spring Month.

I can't get over how devious this The Queen Unrelenting art doll looks. Clearly she is a professional plotter. This doll is inspired by the "She-Wolf of France" or Queen Isabella who was married to King Edward II. I don't think they could have done a more flawless job.

I really enjoy The Bad Faery Ball doll's thin, twig-like wings. It looks almost like there is only the exoskeleton exposed. Her crimson red attire is beautiful. I want an outfit like that for myself! She looks like she is longing for someone to take her to the faery ball.

I am going to start looking like a hoarder if I begin another doll collection. I'm really amazed by how stunning these art dolls are! If you love the dark side of the fairy world, I would check out more art dolls by Enchanted Oaks. Which one is your favorite out of the six? It's a hard decision but I think I really love the To Dream Darkly doll. I just love how she represents death. Comment down below!