Goth Shop of the Week: Sartorial Creatures

I have a special and strange shop I want to show you today! This is some interesting macabre art that you won't find anywhere else. Sartorial Creatures on Etsy takes taxidermy to a whole new level. It's fascinating how they can bring things that have been dead back to life.

This is such a unique take on our beloved undead Dracula. He is made with a combination of all kinds of creatures. It's definitely a strange and uncommon piece of art! Oddly, I enjoy this interpretation of the Lord of the Vampires.

Might as well make a sinister pairing with Dracula's bride. I love how elegant she looks in her pale pink robe. She has an eerie glow surrounding her. She also looks like she's popping out of a black and lifeless mirror.

Too bad I didn't think of giving someone this creepy The Royal Eye for Valentine's Day!

I need to get this for my friends who love the sea. This Purple Claws piece is a little disturbing, as it portrays the atrocious side of the ocean. At the same time, it's very beautiful and I love the use of the claws.

Here's a great representation for the Master of the Dead. This Baron Samdei is joyful as he greets newly deceased friends. He looks like he may even be a part of a strange macabre musical, with his top hat and cane.

Take a look at more Sartorial Creatures on Etsy. There are some horrifying and amazing pieces here. They use a variety of different "parts" as well. Comment below and tell me your thoughts on these! I don't think I've seen anything like it.