Gothic and Steampunk Jewelry from Candied Cherry by KC

Not like I need any more accessories, right? Yet I can't pass up these unique and alluring pieces by Candied Cherry by KC Etsy. They have very gorgeous goth and steampunk jewelry that is incredible. There is a nice selection to choose from, so take a look!

This necklace is perfect for any occasion. The black crystals on this Victorian necklace look like they absorb all the light out of anything

I imagine a ghost or a vampire wearing earrings like these Victorian rose chandelier earrings. The hands that are hanging look like they are grasping droplets of blood. It's beautiful!

These Alice's Adventures in Wonderland earrings are amazing. I wish the colors were darker or they had added the red roses. It still has a steampunk feel with the stopwatch and rusty look. These would look great at your own Mad Tea Party.

Anyone going to a masquerade anytime soon? I would enjoy wearing this very enigmatic black lace butterfly mask to some event!

Sometimes all you need to look like a goth goddess is a simple accessory. This lace choker would look like a tattoo from a distance.

The key on these steampunk neo Victorian earrings is almost too big for me. I do like the design. It has an Alice in Wonderland feel. The key is shaped like a crown key and of course you can't forget the clock. The gems are very colorful. Again I wish it came in a darker color.

Don't you love this gorgeous lace? The black Victorian necklace looks like something I imagine Elizabeth Bathory wearing.

There's a nightmarish air about wearing a black lace mask like this one. It's a little creepy seeing a distorted face under a veil of some sorts.

I like how many gears are in these steampunk vintage earrings. The big copper like flowers are a great addition. It makes it stand out from all the other steampunk jewelry out there!

As you can see there is a vast amount of jewelry to take a look at here in the Candied Cherry by KC shop. These were just some of my favorites! Is there any that you enjoy? Some of them aren't dark enough for my taste, but others have a dreary enough feel. Take a look and comment down below!