Gothic Romantic Jewelry by Precious Remains

These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a must have. They can be worn at funerals, weddings, parties, or all the time. Enhance your attire with these romantic pieces of jewelry by Precious Remains on Etsy.

Take a peek!

The Gothic cross hanging from the Victorian style brooch is amazing. If you look closely at the entangled Gothic cross choker you can see a rose in the center of the cross. This is something I imagine the Queen of the Damned wearing.

This Gothic Lolita choker is gorgeous. The black rose looks thorny and the rose's petals don't look soft what-so-ever. It's elegant, but looks a little evil.

I love how simple this black velvet bat choker is. The bat is really unique and has touches of Victorian design. It would be cool if you could use this as a garter for a more vampire like wedding.

The "Bella Morte" necklace is something any Queen of Darkness would covet. The flower shaped lace makes this piece even more alluring.

I think the way the beads drape over the collar bone and neck here is really pretty. This Mortianna's Funerary choker is a little over the top, but I would definitely wear it. The lace looks like it's crawling up her neck.

These Belladonna lace wrist cuffs are quite fancy. I can see wearing these for a little bit of a doll look. I love how they veil your hands.

This Ophelia bracelet is a traditional lace cuff. The amber stone gives it a more curious feel. This would be great for diversifying your outfits. I enjoy sporting the ghostly look once in a while.

Dracula choker with chains also has very beautiful metal work. The bronze looks like you're peering into a mirror watching as the vampire prepares to feed.

I can see these pieces of jewelry being incredibly seductive. Precious Remains on Etsy is worth taking a peek. Comment down below and let me know what you think.