Mad Tea Party Supplies from Mad in Wonderland

I've always wanted to have a mad tea party or an unbirthday! Having tea parties in general is something I do every so often, but I think I should take a page from Lewis Carroll's book! If you want some mad tea party supplies, take a peek at Mad in Wonderland on Etsy.

I love the idea of having this stacked teacup teapot centerpiece at more than just a crazy tea party. It would be so much fun to have this at a Wonderland Wedding! There are a bunch of different styles and colors to pick from too, but this is a fun piece. I kind of want to do this with some of my own Victorian china I never use.

It's true, no one who walks in my house is sane. This Tea Party sign is an awesome way to decorate for this tea party. What a great way to welcome your bizarre guests over.

As if I need convincing to drink any alcoholic beverage! This giant "drink me" bottle decanter is a clever way to decorate for parties! Serve delicious beverages using this decanter and take a step into Wonderland!

Embellish your chaotic table with gold ornate metal keys. There are all kinds of locks and paths throughout Wonderland. Each metal key will take you to a new weird world!

If only we could go through the looking glass! I love this beautiful Victorian ornate black mirror! I would be afraid of putting this outside, but this would be a great way to have guests pass through as if they are walking into Wonderland!

This orange singing flowers centerpiece is a really simple way of decorating your own little Wonderland. The flowers aren't necessarily a part of the mad tea party, but you don't need to follow the story to a T.

I know I'm not alone when say I want to have a mad tea party. It would be amazing to go to a Alice in Wonderland themed wedding as well! For all your Wonderland needs, take a look at Mad in Wonderland on Etsy. What are some of your favorite things? I definitely enjoy the "Drink Me!" decanter, especially since I would use it all the time! Comment below!