Necrology's Bone Jewelry and Oddities

I've been finding a lot of taxidermy and bone art lately. To my surprise, I actually like some of these weird little gems. The bone jewelry from Necrology on Etsy is great for all of us macabre lovers. They carry all kinds of oddities from bones, claws, teeth from all creatures and creepy crawlies.

If you have a cabinet of curiosities, then this bottled stag beetle needs to be in your collection. The sand on the bottom really make it seem like this creature is actually alive.

This bone terrarium has an assortment of all kinds of animals! I think the best part about this piece is that it can be turned into a necklace. I would say a great way to freak people out is displaying your pride in the dead.

This is a piece that would probably cause your house to become haunted. I wouldn't be surprised if "To Mega Therion" was possessed by evil spirits. The painting style is rustic and very ominous, but I like how elegant it looks.

I have not seen a raccoon jaw used as a piece of jewelry before. That's why I had to show you this fancy jaw necklace! The brass clasps and bindings make this look extra gorgeous.

This is such a bad ass coyote jaw necklace. It's even more sinister that it looks like saw that would actually cut through bone.

I think I can get on board with this Cross of Lorraine over the traditional cross. It kind of has an air of Wild West. I can imagine a grisly side character from Preacher wearing this.

I had no idea this is what a python vertebrae looked like when I saw this snake ring. It's so surreal looking and strange. The ring as a whole is very pretty. I wouldn't mind wearing this out to dinners.

Here's one way to scare the public - a human teeth ring. Whether you're a serial killer, tooth fairy, or dentist, this might be appealing to you. I dare say most people would find this incredibly morbid and dreadful.

Take a look at more bone jewelry from Necrology on Etsy. If you could wear or have any of these items what would it be? Comment down below!