Stained Glass Bats from Riven Barrow Glass

If there's a reason I enjoy the sunshine, it's because of the way light shines through stained glass. I've always thought about getting a large stained glass window for my entryway to make my home look more crypt-like. I'm not entirely sure how the homeowners association would handle that. Especially since I would of course prefer to have an ominous and dreary design. I do enjoy hanging little stained glass pieces in my windows, so that's why I am really happy to see these stained glass bats by Riven Barrow Glass on Etsy. They come in all kinds of colors. Plus there is more than just bats in this store, such as Ouija planchettes and swords.

This stained glass blood red bat is perfect. It matches the furniture in my downstairs lair, where I spend most of my days. The blood red droplets are a perfect combination with the bat itself. To me it screams vampire, almost like a logo.

When I saw the stained glass purple bat I instantly thought of vampire royalty. I really like how light shines through purple glass, in addition to the blood red color. I can already imagine all the sinister markings it would create on my floor.

Originally I thought that the stained glass blood snow bat wasn't dark enough for me. The title of the bat changed my mind though, instantly making me think of a bloody and cold winter. I would love to see this kind of glass on a black bat too.

This stained glass ghost bat makes me wonder what happened to that forsaken soul?

Let's face it, red wine is a closer color to blood than blood red. This stained glass Bathory wine bat is kind of the ultimate vampire symbol. I imagine vampires bathing in blood. I think if I had a ton of money, I would consider making a bath out of wine... is that strange? I couldn't bear to waste wine right now.

Do you like these stained glass bats by Riven Barrow Glass on Etsy? I love how simple the design is and yet how each color really brings a different feeling to each piece. All of them are dark and enjoyable. Which color would you pick? If you don't see what you like, color-wise, then what would you like to see? Comment down below!