Victorian Scarlett's Splendid Gothic Cameo Jewelry

I have been itching to find some vintage style jewelry for a while. These dark Victorian cameo pieces of jewelry by Victorian Scarlett on Etsy are stunning. There's quite an inventory so I picked my favorites - come take a peek.

The deep red on the lily on this black Victorian choker really pops. It's a very romantic piece in my opinion.

I really like how the cat on this kitty brooch looks like it came from a Tim Burton film!

The metal work on these dark pink rose dangle earrings is amazing. The teal jewels really stand out against the red. I am very grateful that these do not remind me of Christmas.

I have a confession that you guys cannot utter a word to anyone about - I love peacocks. What's really special about this Victorian peacock necklace is that it looks almost skeletal. I love the macabre style of this cameo piece!

I find this umbrella and rose brooch to be very unique and pretty. This would stop people in their tracks since it's so different.

I'm very glad they have steampunk items too. This filigree key charm keys holder has a very cool copper finish that I am in love with.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I would sport this skeleton squid cameo necklace. The Cthulhu tentacles are a great way to make it even creepier.

Speaking of the ocean, lovers of the big black sea would totally want to check this black and white Victorian anchor pendant out. It's eerie how the anchor looks like it is worn.

The dark colors on these glass floral buds earrings are absolutely gorgeous. I can see myself wearing these everywhere I go.

This is like a macabre wild west kind of pendant. The guns and roses skeleton necklace is definitely rocking it!

If you're into creepy crawlies, then you need to check this spider cameo necklace out. I would probably always scare myself every time I looked down.

The classic look for this Victorian brooch is fantastic. The antiqued gold brooch with a woman almost looks haunted.

This isn't super disturbing or anything, more so mysteriously beautiful. This black fae brooch has a gorgeous metal framing.

I don't know why, but I really like this pink corset on black Victorian cameo pendant. I think the vintage style of the corset is calling to me.

What do you guys think of these splendid pieces of cameo jewelry by Victorian Scarlett on Etsy? There are still other pieces to see in their store, so take a look. Comment below if you find something you thoroughly enjoy. It's hard to pick just one!