Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dark Art by J Blackthorn Design

Experimenting with the dark arts? Find inspiration with these dark prints by J Blackthorn Design. Most of these are the artist's interpretation of traditional occult figures. Others are from the dark recesses of his own mind. I would say these all make great illustrations for tarot cards or even tattoos. Come take a look!

"Eritis Sicut Deus, Scientes Bonum et Malum (And ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil)" - Genesis 3.5. This was first said by the serpent in the Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible to Adam and Eve. It was known as The Serpent's Promise. Many people probably recognize this saying from Goethe's tragic play "Faust". As you can see, this is a simplistic version of the Tree of Life.

I really like this design for the Dryad of Blackthorn. The Blackthorn sword is supposed to be able to cut through the veil which could potentially be dangerous.

Some of you may recognize this Tree of Death illustration. It's a very old symbol and is supposed to portray the chaotic and darker sides of life. I think it's cool how the branches become snakes at the very top of the tree.

It has many names, La Santa Muerte, the Grim Reaper, or Holy Death. It looks like time is up according to the sand in the hourglass! He's holding a black ball - maybe it's energy, or your soul?

I can imagine using the Witchmother print on an occultist tarot card deck. I am guessing this is the Goddess Hekate under a cloak. She has the six arms holding different black witchcraft items. This could be the darker version of the Triple Goddess.

All hail Satan! Well now you can pay gratitude with this Exu Mor-Belzebu print. Does anyone know of the symbolism between his goat hooves? I can't tell if it's the Cross of Questioning combined with two more symbols.

You would probably want to pair the Witchfather illustration with the Witchmother print that's above. It seems to be a dark portrayal of the Horned God. It looks like he is a guide through the Underworld.

I love this interpretation of the beautiful and bloody Kali. This shows her "dance" on top of Shiva right after she slays the demon. It's a very simple and awesome way of telling the story.

Check out all the other dark prints by J Blackthorn Design. Make sure to comment below.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Elegant Red Gothic and Slightly Medieval Home Decor from Pomeroy

I have a cousin who has inspired me with her incredible eye for nice decor. Her style is "accidentally macabre" as I like to put it. She just happens to like black, red, and white together. Her slightly dark taste has been enlightening for me as far as what I can do with my home! Her beautiful new home is now decorated with these beautiful red candle holders and glassware, though mostly modern. That's when I realized that I could decorate my home with gorgeous red gothic and Victorian-esque decor! Pomeroy is a great company with lots of quasi medieval decor. Take a look!

Here I go copying my cousin! She has similar red brandy votive holders next to her fireplace. These are great for this time of year because I love having dim lighting throughout the night and it's too warm for a fire.

Once the new season of the Walking Dead comes out, I am expecting to sip my Manhattans out of this Pomeroy red cocktail glass.

Wouldn't you love to pour dark red wine in this red hurricane glass? I can imagine vampires using this glass. The bright red of the glass will make the wine almost look black - just like blood! I know it's large in size, but it doesn't matter when it comes to wine!

My favorite part of this red hurricane glass is the medieval French styled base. This could be placed on my mantle or coffee table. The crackled glass is going to change how the glass shines in the middle of the night.

I fell in love with this red rustic Melrose centerpiece instantly. This would make my house glow ominously if I used this as a centerpiece on my table. It would be even better if I could hang this on the wall. Then it would cast all kinds of creepy shadows.

This is actually larger than I had originally thought. The red Cerise pillar holder looks ancient. It's perfect if you want to give your home a more vampiric glow.

The Pomeroy red glass pillar candle holder is just a bigger version of the one above. I have a feeling I would want to get this size just so I can use my larger candles. Plus more haunting red hues will emit from this glass!

I think I need all these red gothic home decor items by Pomeroy on Amazon. It would be difficult to get away with just one candle holder or one cocktail glass. What do you guys think? Tell me about it down below!

Kate Spade's Black Cat Handbags

Fall is so close I can taste it! I am already thinking of all the superstitions associated with Halloween. My favorite has to be how unlucky black cats are! I've owned my fair share of black kitties and they've all given me comfort. That's why I really enjoy these black cat handbags by Kate Spade. If you are a fashion-forward goth who also adores black cats, I would take a peek at these.

This Jazz Things up Cat handbag is my favorite. From a distance it would look like a typical black purse, but as you approach it the more you will notice the ears. Careful about what you put in here! You're going to entrust your valuables to this unlucky black cat.

These strange looking cats on the Jazz things up Cool Cat bag are just staring at you. Hopefully no bad omens will follow you if you use this handbag!

If you don't want a purse, you could get this Jazz Things Up Cool Cat clutch. It's the same leering creepy kitties, but in a smaller size! Maybe that would reduce how freaky they look while staring at you.

This is an elegant black cat clutch and crossbody. I'm not a huge fan of the eyelashes, but I do like the gems. I have to admit, it's kind of cute that you open the flap and it's the same place as the kitty's mouth would be.

These black cat handbags by Kate Spade are fun for fall coming up. Especially if you're a Halloween freak like me! Indulge your love for all things mischievous and a little ominous! Comment below and tell me your thoughts.

Goth Shop of the Week: Mystic Thread Designs in Cyprus

This Etsy store has been on break practically all summer and finally they are back! Just in time for the school shopping season. Any teens looking for some inspiration? Here's the place to look! Mystic Thread Designs provides high quality goth and Victorian jewelry, accessories, and garb. These are incredible and would bring any drab outfit to life.

I want the whole outfit, honestly! I think the feathered piece around her eye is the highlight. Unfortunately she is only modeling their black lace feather neck corset. Not that it's a bad thing. It is clearly a stunning piece with very intricate woven lace.

This ruby Victorian ring is an elaborate piece of jewelry! Wear it for a masquerade party during Halloween or out to dinner. In fact, it looks like a fairly effective weapon. It can pass as a sacred bloody jewel a vampire queen would wear.

When I saw this black gothic couture crown I was reminded of high class society. I can only imagine women in positions of power or wealth wearing a crown this ostentatious. Admittedly, it is very beautiful and the lace work is amazing. It looks like there are a lot of layers involved.

Instead of black, you can have the more ghostly looking white lace feather neck corset. The shapes of the lace and how it arches upward is gorgeous. I'm afraid the feathers will tickle my neck while I'm wearing it!

This soulless black agate ring is superb. There's something a little sinister about a person wearing a piece that doesn't glow in the light. It can be worn every day and will add an ominous elegance to your wardrobe.

This black tulle tail is so simple, but says so much! You can just slip this on if you're feeling exceptionally wild one day. It's just an easy way to add volume and flow. This is a very Victorian piece.

I am having such a hard time not buying this black gothic bolero. It's so chic and can be worn with just about everything. This is another thing I can imagine a queen of the undead wearing. All I can think when I see it is "royalty!"

The red-black lace gothic couture crown is something Lady Macbeth would wear as she is plotting murder. As for me, I would wear it to fancy parties or other extremely special occasions. Otherwise, I don't think I could get away with something so elaborate. I haven't achieved "Wicked Queen" status quite yet.

I'm sure we are in agreement that this dark queen collar screams evil tyrant. I honestly think the Queen Mary I of England (Bloody Mary) would have worn this proudly. If that is what you're striving to do, I would recommend getting this piece!

What do you think of these very sophisticated accessories? Mystic Thread Designs on Etsy has some stellar and amazing pieces that are bound to make heads turn. Make sure to comment below and tell me what your thoughts are!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back to School Supplies for Goths

If you or your kid are having a hard time finding some goth school supplies, then check out some of the things we've found for you today. If you're like me, going out and school shopping isn't what I call fun. I also realized early on that trudging through aisles lengthens the horrible experience. Take a look at what you can find online. There's a whole array of dark and dreary items that will surely your needs. And no frantic moms and whiny kids getting in your way like might happen at Target or Office Depot!

These Crayola "My Color is Black" not only defines you and me, but is the most useful package I have found for school. It has a little bit of everything.

I've always loved black pencils over the silly yellow ones.

I really like these Black Wicow blackwood colored pencils, but I can see lots of people invading your space to desperately ask where you got them.

These black post-its would be useful for marking your excerpts from your favorite Edgar Allan Poe story. If you have a silver gel pen, you can write notes.

Make bold statements with your original black bold markers by Crayola.

I'm not much of a crayon lady, but I have a few wee goths that would appreciate having a surplus of original black crayons.

In all honesty, I have never used the Staonal black crayon before. It's better for gothic artists, as they are industrial grade!

I love how these black cat ink pens all have differing personalities. One cat looks annoyed and another looks blissfully unaware. A perfect representation of my favorite feline fiends.

This is a basic black notebook which I used to take a whiteout pen to when I was in school. I would draw all kinds of disturbing images to jazz up my notebooks.

I was oddly excited about this marble college notebook. From afar it looks like it is decorated with cobwebs or a hellish smoke.

I had a friend draw something on my notebook that was similar to this black damask notebook when I was in college.

Here's a gorgeous black damask notebook - what an elegant way to take notes in class!

This composition notebook also comes in a striking red damask.

I've also got my eye on this beautiful Black Damask planner for 2017.

This Edgar Allan Poe notebook has 150 lined pages.

For fans of Wonderland, here's an Alice composition notebook, ready for your written words of wisdom.

This wooden cat scotch tape dispenser is so awesome. I would just be afraid of too many people wanting to use this and bothering me.

For the Super Morbid:

I think anyone with a darker side would enjoy these skull and crossbone pencils.

It was hard for me to see the sugar skull on these colored pencils. When I did, I realized how hauntingly stunning they are!

I appreciate the aged features of this sugar skull notebook. It looks more macabre than the bright neon sugar skulls I'm used to.

This is an elegant and gruesome skull notebook, worthy of all your strange ramblings.

You'll probably be the only one in your classroom with this Gargoyles decomposition book!

These are so wonderfully disturbing! I would love to use these novelty bone pens for anatomy class!

For Budding Gothic Artists:

Help others see the wonder of the darkness with this black sketchbook with black paper.

You'll need a large tub of black acrylic paint if you plan on beginning your goth fantasy paintings!

Toddler and elementary goths will love this tub of black modeling clay. I need this for some of my nieces and nephews!

These black water colors are a great if you love graphic novels such as Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I can see someone painting Death or Dream with these.

The kids can learn new painting techniques and envelope themselves blackness with this black tempera paint from Crayola.

Should you for whatever reason need an entire gallon of black washable paint, Crayola and Amazon have you covered!

For Steampunk Enthusiasts:

I'm so glad they finally have different shades of brown available in these multicultural markers. Now any steampunk coloring book I get can accurately be filled in.

I can see this bronze yellow acrylic being used for all the shining gears in your paintings.

Imagine all the different kinds of weapons, outfits, and buildings you can craft with this modeling clay.

School shopping doesn't need to be strenuous or daunting. Sometimes it's hard to find things that you really enjoy or relate to while you're out and about. Plus all those giddy people really kill the mood. You can find all you need and more online! Are you looking forward to the school season? Tell me about it down below.