Beautiful Dark Art by Nik Guerra

Some of you may recognize Nik Guerra from his art on Magenta: Noir Fatale. A lot of his work would be considered erotic fetish pinup art. Even so, his stuff is pretty amazing. His style has a lot of similarities to Frank Miller's Sin City. Nik Guerra's mind has given all our favorite female villains impressive sex appeal. He takes femme fatale to a whole new level. Come see Nik Guerra's work on Etsy.

This is personally my favorite piece. The Herman & Lily Love Lust really portrays the passion Frankenstein's monster and his bride have for each other. I feel like it's a rare thing to witness! Now I feel incredibly privileged, because this is truly a beautiful monster romance.

I actually giggled when I saw this Breakfast at Magenta's painting. This classic movie looks like it may have been better off a Magenta than a Tiffany! Oh who am I kidding? Audrey Hepburn is still just as sexy and devious.

Sexy zombies, who would have thought? This pinup zombie looks like she should represent the "Living Dead Girl" from Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe album. I love the tattered cloth that she is sitting on.

This Whimsical piece is chilling, gorgeous, and really ominous. Rather than going to a typical masquerade, it looks like the mask and woman have become one strange creature. This mysterious woman looks dangerous, don't you think?

I don't know why I thought of Cruella de Vil when I saw this Piano Coco painting. Her compact posture kind of disturbs me. And her long bony fingers sitting on top of the piano keys are really creepy!

Poison Ivy, to me, is the ultimate femme fatale in the Batman franchise. It would be amazing to see Nik Guerra's take on all the villainous women in Gotham - Especially Harley. I have a few cousins that would really love this piece.

You would think a woman with an eye patch would be hard core enough. Guerra takes it to a new level by having the woman keep extra bullets there. Now no one will mess with her. The "Magenta - Those Who Play with Cats" painting is full of character. I love the dichotomy between lady and cat!

Do you think she's wearing a lace top or that it's really just a whole body tattoo? Either way, this Magenta - Some Like it Dark gives a malevolent twist to the Marilyn Monroe classic.

I like the beady blood red colors that embellish this piece. The Magenta painting features one of Nik Guerra's most notorious femme fatale characters. This portrait is very elegant.

I'm sure you Nik Guerra fans are excited that he has his own Etsy store, right!? For those who have never heard of him I'm sure you are glad you do now! Check out more of his work and comment below.