Dark Art by J Blackthorn Design

Experimenting with the dark arts? Find inspiration with these dark prints by J Blackthorn Design. Most of these are the artist's interpretation of traditional occult figures. Others are from the dark recesses of his own mind. I would say these all make great illustrations for tarot cards or even tattoos. Come take a look!

"Eritis Sicut Deus, Scientes Bonum et Malum (And ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil)" - Genesis 3.5. This was first said by the serpent in the Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible to Adam and Eve. It was known as The Serpent's Promise. Many people probably recognize this saying from Goethe's tragic play "Faust". As you can see, this is a simplistic version of the Tree of Life.

I really like this design for the Dryad of Blackthorn. The Blackthorn sword is supposed to be able to cut through the veil which could potentially be dangerous.

Some of you may recognize this Tree of Death illustration. It's a very old symbol and is supposed to portray the chaotic and darker sides of life. I think it's cool how the branches become snakes at the very top of the tree.

It has many names, La Santa Muerte, the Grim Reaper, or Holy Death. It looks like time is up according to the sand in the hourglass! He's holding a black ball - maybe it's energy, or your soul?

I can imagine using the Witchmother print on an occultist tarot card deck. I am guessing this is the Goddess Hekate under a cloak. She has the six arms holding different black witchcraft items. This could be the darker version of the Triple Goddess.

All hail Satan! Well now you can pay gratitude with this Exu Mor-Belzebu print. Does anyone know of the symbolism between his goat hooves? I can't tell if it's the Cross of Questioning combined with two more symbols.

You would probably want to pair the Witchfather illustration with the Witchmother print that's above. It seems to be a dark portrayal of the Horned God. It looks like he is a guide through the Underworld.

I love this interpretation of the beautiful and bloody Kali. This shows her "dance" on top of Shiva right after she slays the demon. It's a very simple and awesome way of telling the story.

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