Dark Art from Roxana's Snazzy Art Gallery

This isn't the typical art that I find. These are totally unique and incredibly unsettling fine art pieces. Take a peek at Roxana's Snazzy Art on Etsy. Her style is a little chaotic and seems to change depending on each piece.

As you can see this Dead Bird Dance is super disturbing. This is done in ink, but it looks like she angrily took a pen to a canvas and attacked it. There are all kinds of sketchy lines in the background that give it a jagged and horrific feel.

This Red, White, n' Bluebeard really creeps me out! For how many colors are in this piece it's actually quite dark. I feel like he looks like a serial killer. Can you see how different this piece is from the one above? She is very talented in all kinds of styles.

I love how this looks like it came out of a page of an old novel. This is an example of a Professional Astrological Reading that can be adapted for your own needs. This is more than just a piece of art - you are a participant.

If you weren't afraid of going to hell, you might be now after seeing this painting of Hell Mouth. This is well known for being the entrance to hell during medieval times through the middle ages. How horrifying that would be to die then to literally be eaten by hell.

This is a simple yet really sinister image of Hypnos. He is the God of Sleep in Greek mythology. It was said that he owned half of our lives (which is so true). Hypnos and his brother Thanatos (God of Death) live in the Underworld, which must have been a really dark yet enigmatic place.

This Medusa piece has a dark Andy Warhol twist to it, in my opinion. I love how malevolent she looks in this piece. I find her tentacles to be incredibly alluring, which is the point. I know I would have easily turned to stone if she looked like this.

I know if someone showed me all this art, I would assume every piece was done by a different artist. Roxana's Snazzy Art on Etsy is stunning and haunting. Most of all, because of her various styles used, they are even more ominous. What do you guys think of these pieces? Do you have any favorites?