Delightful Dark Poison-Themed and Tarot Mugs for Your Gothic Kitchen

Yes I know, I own enough mugs to serve tea to a small city. I don't care! These wickedly awesome mugs from Lafayette Factory on Etsy have to be in my collection. I don't think there's anything more sinister than drinking from something that clearly states it is Arsenic. Also, it is decorated with dark Victorian patterns which only adds to its elegance! Take a peek at the mugs below!

Poison Themed Mugs:

Arsenic - Poison Mug

Ether - Poison Mug

Cyanide - Poison Mug

Morphine - Poison Mug

Ricin - Poison Mug

Deadly Nightshade - Poison Mug

Poison - Poison Mug

Tarot Themed Mugs:

The Hanged Man - Tarot Mug

The Devil - Tarot Mug

The High Priestess - Tarot Mug

The Tower - Tarot Mug

The Wheel of Fortune - Tarot Mug

Judgment - Tarot Mug

Strength - Tarot Mug

Justice - Tarot Mug

The Sun - Tarot Mug

Death - Tarot Mug

And a BONUS!

Alice in Wonderland Mug

What do you think of this Etsy store, Lafayette Factory? I feel like this is a case where you actually need the whole set of mugs. Shh, I know, I don't NEED it. I just don't like favoring one tarot card over the other. It seems awfully unfair. How about you? Are any of these mugs calling out to you? Don't forget to comment!