Elegant Red Gothic and Slightly Medieval Home Decor from Pomeroy

I have a cousin who has inspired me with her incredible eye for nice decor. Her style is "accidentally macabre" as I like to put it. She just happens to like black, red, and white together. Her slightly dark taste has been enlightening for me as far as what I can do with my home! Her beautiful new home is now decorated with these beautiful red candle holders and glassware, though mostly modern. That's when I realized that I could decorate my home with gorgeous red gothic and Victorian-esque decor! Pomeroy is a great company with lots of quasi medieval decor. Take a look!

Here I go copying my cousin! She has similar red brandy votive holders next to her fireplace. These are great for this time of year because I love having dim lighting throughout the night and it's too warm for a fire.

Once the new season of the Walking Dead comes out, I am expecting to sip my Manhattans out of this Pomeroy red cocktail glass.

Wouldn't you love to pour dark red wine in this red hurricane glass? I can imagine vampires using this glass. The bright red of the glass will make the wine almost look black - just like blood! I know it's large in size, but it doesn't matter when it comes to wine!

My favorite part of this red hurricane glass is the medieval French styled base. This could be placed on my mantle or coffee table. The crackled glass is going to change how the glass shines in the middle of the night.

I fell in love with this red rustic Melrose centerpiece instantly. This would make my house glow ominously if I used this as a centerpiece on my table. It would be even better if I could hang this on the wall. Then it would cast all kinds of creepy shadows.

This is actually larger than I had originally thought. The red Cerise pillar holder looks ancient. It's perfect if you want to give your home a more vampiric glow.

The Pomeroy red glass pillar candle holder is just a bigger version of the one above. I have a feeling I would want to get this size just so I can use my larger candles. Plus more haunting red hues will emit from this glass!

I think I need all these red gothic home decor items by Pomeroy on Amazon. It would be difficult to get away with just one candle holder or one cocktail glass. What do you guys think? Tell me about it down below!