Goth Shop of the Week: Mystic Thread Designs in Cyprus

This Etsy store has been on break practically all summer and finally they are back! Just in time for the school shopping season. Any teens looking for some inspiration? Here's the place to look! Mystic Thread Designs provides high quality goth and Victorian jewelry, accessories, and garb. These are incredible and would bring any drab outfit to life.

I want the whole outfit, honestly! I think the feathered piece around her eye is the highlight. Unfortunately she is only modeling their black lace feather neck corset. Not that it's a bad thing. It is clearly a stunning piece with very intricate woven lace.

This ruby Victorian ring is an elaborate piece of jewelry! Wear it for a masquerade party during Halloween or out to dinner. In fact, it looks like a fairly effective weapon. It can pass as a sacred bloody jewel a vampire queen would wear.

When I saw this black gothic couture crown I was reminded of high class society. I can only imagine women in positions of power or wealth wearing a crown this ostentatious. Admittedly, it is very beautiful and the lace work is amazing. It looks like there are a lot of layers involved.

Instead of black, you can have the more ghostly looking white lace feather neck corset. The shapes of the lace and how it arches upward is gorgeous. I'm afraid the feathers will tickle my neck while I'm wearing it!

This soulless black agate ring is superb. There's something a little sinister about a person wearing a piece that doesn't glow in the light. It can be worn every day and will add an ominous elegance to your wardrobe.

This black tulle tail is so simple, but says so much! You can just slip this on if you're feeling exceptionally wild one day. It's just an easy way to add volume and flow. This is a very Victorian piece.

I am having such a hard time not buying this black gothic bolero. It's so chic and can be worn with just about everything. This is another thing I can imagine a queen of the undead wearing. All I can think when I see it is "royalty!"

The red-black lace gothic couture crown is something Lady Macbeth would wear as she is plotting murder. As for me, I would wear it to fancy parties or other extremely special occasions. Otherwise, I don't think I could get away with something so elaborate. I haven't achieved "Wicked Queen" status quite yet.

I'm sure we are in agreement that this dark queen collar screams evil tyrant. I honestly think the Queen Mary I of England (Bloody Mary) would have worn this proudly. If that is what you're striving to do, I would recommend getting this piece!

What do you think of these very sophisticated accessories? Mystic Thread Designs on Etsy has some stellar and amazing pieces that are bound to make heads turn. Make sure to comment below and tell me what your thoughts are!