Halloween 2016 Sneak Peek: Pottery Barn's Spooky Topiaries

This morning I was snooping around on the Pottery Barn website, peering at Halloween things. I was immediately struck by these fabulous new living topiaries. I don't recall Pottery Barn offering anything like this, at least in their Halloween seasonal section, before.

Since my own home decor has been really gravitating towards a conservatory/orangery/apothecary theme, these will fit in perfectly. I may have to get a couple of the bats, and at least one of the cats! I'll want to do some research first on how to care for living topiaries and how long they're expected to last.

The cat topiary isn't very scary, but we could add to the spook factor by incorporating a little black and white striped ribbon around its neck, or perhaps by perching a tiny witch hat on top of its head!

The Live Bat Topiary is sure to be a goth favorite!

I personally can't handle having anything else in my house that looks even remotely like a spider, but perhaps some of you with stronger constitutions might appreciate the live spider topiary.

Hope you enjoyed this quick sneak peek at some of Pottery Barn's Halloween 2016 decorations!


  1. I ordered the bat and the spider weeks ago as a preorder. Gweee! I cannot wait!


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