Hand Stitched Nightmare Before Christmas Pillows from Wicked Stitchery

Since Halloween is coming up fairly soon, I figure I should at least see what's out there so I can have a ghastly party. A classic is always a Nightmare Before Christmas themed party, but that should always be celebrated, not just at Halloween. I was so stunned by these Nightmare Before Christmas pillows by Wicked Stitchery on Etsy. Check out the embroidery work on them, it's impressive.

The styling on this Lock, Shock, and Barrel pillow set is so awesome! I love how much more sinister these three look. Lock's giant grin looks extra disturbing. My favorite feature on the Shock pillow is the sketchy "shading" around her eyes. The stitching looks like it's actually drawn on!

I instantly fell in love with this pumpkin patch pillow from Nightmare Before Christmas. The pumpkins just pop and I love the spiral hill! It's cool that you can "see" the wisps of swirling air like in the movie. This would be such a sacred pillow in my home!

Sally looks so gorgeous in this Nightmare Before Christmas pillow! She's holding a lovely black flower, just like in the movie. Everything looks a little jagged, but in an artistic way. I think this is my favorite Sally pillow out there.

Of course I adore this Jack Skellington pillow. The edges of Jack's bowtie look super sharp! The best part about this pillow is how they stitched in the stripes on Jack's outfit. If I get a Sally pillow I won't be able to avoid getting this Jack pillow as well!

All four pillows are really amazing. I can't imagine only getting one, I'd have to get all four! They look really soft too. They are designed in a very elegant and expressive way. I enjoy the fact that I can have these out all year round and they aren't direct illustrations from the movie!

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