Kate Spade's Black Cat Handbags

Fall is so close I can taste it! I am already thinking of all the superstitions associated with Halloween. My favorite has to be how unlucky black cats are! I've owned my fair share of black kitties and they've all given me comfort. That's why I really enjoy these black cat handbags by Kate Spade. If you are a fashion-forward goth who also adores black cats, I would take a peek at these.

This Jazz Things up Cat handbag is my favorite. From a distance it would look like a typical black purse, but as you approach it the more you will notice the ears. Careful about what you put in here! You're going to entrust your valuables to this unlucky black cat.

These strange looking cats on the Jazz things up Cool Cat bag are just staring at you. Hopefully no bad omens will follow you if you use this handbag!

If you don't want a purse, you could get this Jazz Things Up Cool Cat clutch. It's the same leering creepy kitties, but in a smaller size! Maybe that would reduce how freaky they look while staring at you.

This is an elegant black cat clutch and crossbody. I'm not a huge fan of the eyelashes, but I do like the gems. I have to admit, it's kind of cute that you open the flap and it's the same place as the kitty's mouth would be.

These black cat handbags by Kate Spade are fun for fall coming up. Especially if you're a Halloween freak like me! Indulge your love for all things mischievous and a little ominous! Comment below and tell me your thoughts.