New Goth Fashions from Killstar

I don't know about you, but the weather just started feeling like summer where I dwell. Plus, school is going to start in about a month, so the teen goths can benefit from these new goth fashions from Killstar on Amazon.

I've never really seen a design like this C U In Paradise Dress. This would definitely freak people out with the eyes in the center of the roses. I think it's an incredibly eerie dress!

This Dooms Day dress is simple and looks really comfortable. This can be considered a classic little black dress with a macabre twist. The skull and crossbone buttons are a nice touch.

This is an incredibly dramatic dress. The disturbing Satanic images on the Dion Fortune dress don't take away from its elegance.

I wish I found this Sue Acidal dress before summertime hit. The keyhole style almost looks like a giant bow on the front. I love how the skulls decorate the whole dress.

I know I don't have the figure for this Wednesday Addams crop top, but this is a fun summer goth alternative for those who do! Plus, who doesn't love the dreary Wednesday Addams?

I thought this was a jumpsuit at first, but this is a pretty cool dress. The Gothic Occult Witch Psychobilly top collar dress has so many hardcore symbols all over it. If you're itching for eyes leering at you, I would get this in a heartbeat.

This Magi Skater dress is so lovely. It's so clever what they did with incorporating the pentagram into the straps. This could be worn throughout the year if you get a cardigan and some lacy leggings to keep you a bit warmer.

I really want to wear this Baphomet Occult Satan kimono dress. This is really another great dress for all year round. I can see this one being worn for casual events.

All ladies who appreciate nefarious relics would definitely appreciate all garments by Killstar on Amazon. Check it out and leave some comments below. I am torn between the Magi Skater dress and Dion Fortune dress. How about you?