New Gothic and Witchy Clothes from Rat Baby

I really need to stop finding clothes that I want to desperately buy. The bar holding all of my dresses is actually bowed because I've indulged so much. These edgy and dark clothes by Rat Baby are great for all year around. Probably my favorite features are the snarky comments printed on them! Check it out!

I can't event count how many times I've felt like this I Hate Everything Wednesday dress. I definitely feel like Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal.

Since Halloween is quickly coming up, I am ecstatic I found this Moon Bats dress. Surprisingly, I don't have a whole lot of outfits with bats on them and I need to change that. Plus, the gorgeous lace on the bottom makes it more elegant.

This punk like La Lune dress is beautiful. I am in love with the phases of the moon at the bottom. It's something I imagine the modern day witch wearing, plus it looks extra comfortable.

Such a touching statement on this Before I Met You outlaw t-shirt. Now to take it the next step further and quote Louisa May Alcott, “Mine first... mine last... mine even in the grave!”

What I would give to have the courage to wear this dress at a family gathering. This Screw You dress not only sends a nasty message, it displays some of my favorite occult symbolism! That will rile the folks up!

I was so distracted by the stunning Victorian embellishments on this dress, I didn't realize they were in little planchettes! This Planchette dress is truly a gothic masterpiece!

This Bat Heart Black Magic tank top is artfully done. The bat looks incredibly sinister. All the branches and veins look really jagged which is unsettling! The X on the chest is a really cool feature.

Is it bad that I actually laughed when I saw this Creep It Real outlaw t-shirt? I just can see myself wearing this anywhere. The tattered sides are really awesome on this shirt!

I hope I'm not the only one here who has a shopping problem. Maybe I should focus on buying organizational shelves over black dresses... Who am I kidding? Aren't these clothes by Rat Baby so tempting? Comment below and tell me which one is your favorite.