New Skeleton-Themed Dishes for Teatime from Angioletti Designs

I think I can finally die happy, now that I've seen these macabre tea dish sets! If any of you are just as insane about tea like I am, then you need to check out Angioletti Designs on Etsy. I would use these every day!

I like how this Day of the Dead tea set is a little cute and a little ominous. It would be so awesome to get a pink tea set with sugar skulls all over it. A goth tea party is something I'll have to do once fall comes around!

Instead of having all the plates look exactly the same, this floral day of the dead set has different illustrations. I want to get my goth ladies together for a little party. I love the mix of Victorian and Latino styles!

Don't you wish grandma had this gold skull flower dinnerware set? It's like the dead royalty of the past has made an imprint on this older English tea set.

The six gold dessert plates are another bad ass majestic set. The gold is absolutely amazing and is fitting for a king... of the undead.

It would be so creepy to have this skull flower set. As you continue eating there are going to be eye sockets leering at you. At least it's beautiful, right?

This rose ribcage plate is stunning. The gold embellishments are just amazing.

What I would give to have a wedding using these wedding Day of the Dead plates. Celebrate a new transition to life by giving props to the dead!

I think we can all appreciate how you can customize this sugar skull wedding cake stand. I've never seen this sugar skull couple before either. I love it!

What do you think of these skeleton themed dishes by Angioletti Designs on Etsy? I love integrating the classic Victorian designs with these dark illustrations. They're absolutely gorgeous! Comment below and let me know what you think.