Refreshingly Dark Mini Backpacks for Back to School or Back to College

Can you believe school is just around the corner? High school was always a dreary time for me. I would somberly walk to my next class which was filled with students who would just interrupt the teacher as if it was a hobby. Probably my only favorite thing about school was that my garb would disturb everyone else. Imagine wearing one of these dark mini backpacks as you traipse through your school corridors.

I'm glad this sugar skull mini backpack isn't super colorful like usual. I love the black and white pattern which leaves you entranced.

This Alice in Wonderland mini back pack shows all the darkest parts of the Disney film. Not only does it illustrate what seems like going down the rabbit hole, but also going through the Tulgey Wood.

I wish I had this black cat mini backpack when I was going to school. It reminds me of an old Egyptian goddess. It's just a really simple and cool design!

The owl mini backpack looks like it's creepily gazing at everyone. That's bound to weird a few people out.

I think that this black skull mini backpack would be great for any kid with a bit of an edge.

I don't recall having cool dark mini backpacks like this at my age. It might have made that awful experience a little more enjoyable.