Stunning Gothic Headpieces by My Witchery in Ukraine

If only we lived in a time where wearing elaborate headpieces was the norm! I would love to walk around as a Goddess of the Underworld. It's hard for me to find an excuse to wear something like these gorgeous gothic headpieces by My Witchery on Etsy. These would be great as costume pieces or for modeling.

I would love to walk through my Gothic garden at midnight wearing this necromancy crown. Who knows how many evil spirits I could summon that actually lurk under my own home? The thought of creating my own zombie horde under my control is really awesome.

This Crown of Venus isn't entirely dark enough, but I love the blood red flowers. The spikes that form the shape reminds me of a Victorian style crown.

I think this tribal headpiece is stunning. The dark feathers and beads are clearly a high point. Plus the cats eye in the very center gives it a creepy witch vibe. I like how it looks like it was embellished with daggers and the handles are sticking up.

This gives a whole new meaning to alien queen. This alien fantasy crown looks like it was made from the legs of a face-hugger from the Alien movies. I retract my previous statement about having an army of undead. An army of Aliens is a much more effective weapon for the destruction of humanity.

Here is their Demon's Crown. I can see this being used as a cosplay piece for any malevolent force, whether it be a demon or dark elf. The black and lifeless jewel in the center looks like the source of its corruption.

This Angel of Death crown is awfully disturbing. You can see the typical halo that is shown in a lot of medieval paintings, but instead of a welcoming glow there are leering eyes. They don't look human either. Clearly they are demons or monsters watching. The chains falling from the bones are really cool.

Even the artist admitted that these aren't necessarily the most comfortable things to wear. They're supposed to be used on rare occasions such as cosplay or a photo shoot. It would be amazing to put any of these on display in my home to make it just that much spookier. Check out more gothic headpieces by My Witchery on Etsy. Tell me which one is your favorite down below - mine is the alien fantasy crown!