The Gothic Fantasy Art of Rebecca Sinz

I'm excited to show all of these amazing prints by Rebecca Sinz on Etsy. Some of these illustrations show immense sadness or dreary dark days. Others are mischievous, verging towards evil. The style reminds me of something you would see on tarot cards, and many of the characters wear pagan relics. You must take a peek at these gothic fantasy prints!

It's not every day you get to see a demon whose wings are made of blood, such as this "Crimson Wing" piece.

The woman in the "Harvest Moon" piece looks deceiving. She looks magnificent glowing in the moonlight and almost harmless, but there's something sinister behind her eyes.

I would love to juxtapose this "Despair Angel" print along side the one below, the "Hope Angel" print. The emotion is so prevalent in this piece.

A large reason why I want both the above and "Hope Angel" illustration is because it's so hard to portray the feeling of hope in a still life. I think the two need each other and should come as a pair!

Since Halloween is so close (yay!) I thought this "Midnight Minions" piece would make for a playful dark illustration for my wall. Owning a couple skeleton kitties would be pretty awesome!

"Wither" is a beautiful piece with a stunning gothic angel. Rather than sadness, I find the girl expressing her condolences to the dying roses.

The markings below the woman's eyes in "All Hallow's Eve" are a bit clown like. This is another great Halloween piece I'd love to display on my wall.

Doesn't this "To Bid You Farewell" illustration almost make it seem like the woman is saying goodbye to herself? The blood splattered ground and her solemn face look, to me, like she was just killed.

I really enjoy the title to this piece, "Midnight Travelers." She looks like a fallen angel who has made a friend of a gorgeous black stallion. It could be a representation of death?

I can see this "Wisdom" print being a portrait of the powerful Goddess Athena. Not just because she is surrounded by her symbol, the owl, but also because the woman looks timeless. She is clearly young looking, yet aged. You can just feel her knowledge radiating from this piece.

I love all these pieces, but there's something about this "Mourning Garden" print that I'm drawn to. It is probably because she looks like she's wearing very Victorian garb and an awesome top hat. She looks like a spirit in mourning.

If I owned a boat, paintings such as this "Stormy Seas" print, would be hung everywhere. The mermaid looks like she came from the depths of the ocean.

If there are any witches out there, this "Spellbound" illustration would be a great way to decorate a room. I love how the artist uses a vibrant and violent red color, but this painting looks very gentle and giving.

This is one of the creepiest scarecrows I have ever laid eyes on! "The Harvest" print is a great addition to your upcoming fall decor. It adds a darker and more spooky element to your home. I would love to have her leering at my family while we ate Thanksgiving dinner!

What do you think of this gothic fantasy art by Rebecca Sinz on Etsy? If you thought you have seen all of it, you're wrong! There are hundreds of prints in different sizes just waiting for homes. Take a look and tell me what your favorite one is!