Friday, September 30, 2016

Bat Wing Vegan Shoes from Iron Fist

These are so cool! You are going to love these bat wing shoes from Iron Fist on Amazon. These are like a more sinister version of Hermes. Take a peek!

I can already feel the cold breeze of fall approaching. Wearing these women's Iron Fist bat wing black boots throughout fall and winter will keep your feet nice and warm. You can still wear your stylish and dreary garb in sleet and snow!

With all these weddings coming up, I am in need of new heels! These women's Iron Fist black platform pumps are absolutely stunning. I love how big the bat wings are. These would also give you a quite a bit more height!

These bat wing shoes from Iron Fist on Amazon are so tempting. What do you think? Make sure to comment below and let me know!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ransom Riggs' Tales of the Peculiar Book

If you are in love with Ransom Riggs' books about peculiars, then you will have to pick up Tales of the Peculiar on your way home today!

This book is about a time before Miss Peregrine created her school for peculiars. For those who are really into the whole world of the peculiars, this is a must have!

"Riggs now invites you to share his secrets of peculiar history, with a collection of original stories in this deluxe volume of Tales of the Peculiar, as collected and annotated by Millard Nullings, ward of Miss Peregrine and scholar of all things peculiar. Featuring stunning illustrations from world-renowned woodcut artist Andrew Davidson this compelling and truly peculiar anthology is the perfect gift for not only fans, but for all booklovers."

I definitely need to set some time aside to read this! Especially since the movie is coming out this week! Make sure to check out the trailer below if you haven't seen it yet.

Are you excited for this new installment of the Peculiar Children series? Comment down below and tell me what you're most thrilled about!

Gorgeous and Witchy Bat Royalty Dresses from Iron Fist

Have you prepared for the dark and dreary season of fall yet? Iron Fist's new tunic dress and their bat velvet dress are so tempting and perfect for this time of year. Depending on where you live in the world, they can be worn for all seasons.

The lace on the royalty tunic dress is gorgeous. I imagine the modern witch wearing something like this. You would be displaying your love for moons, stars, bats, and other magical elements. The hat adds an even more mischievous air to her ensemble!

The bat velvet dress will keep you warm throughout the season. Put on some black leggings and some boots and you're ready to go. You could even brave the crisp midnight air if you decide to go to an evening stroll to the cemetery.

Can you imagine yourself wearing one of these to either work, school, or other gatherings? Both are wonderful dresses, but which is your favorite? Make sure to comment below.

Darkly Appealing Jewelry by Metalsmith Joanna Szkiela

I have this guilty pleasure of looking at metal rings. I've always wanted to learn how to do metal working, but never made any time! These pieces of dark jewelry by Joanna Szkiela are things I would imagine myself making. They're stunning and very magical. Come check it out!

You could layer these elvish bands to make it look like it's wrapping all up your finger. These are simple yet very magical. When I saw these bands, I thought about the creepy scene with Galadriel and Frodo in Lord of the Rings.

I am in love with this set of 6 rune rings. Each rune represents different magical aspects. Imagine if you had all the good fortune.

You could represent the bringer of death by wearing these scythe earrings. It's so eerie, but it's better to be the one holding the scythe, right?

Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder or at least find that something evil is lurking about? Protect yourself with this silver Hamsa necklace amulet. It's really stunning and totally unique.

This is a wonderful engagement ring option. These black diamond 14k rose gold rings are whimsical and dark, perfect for you and yours.

You would almost look as though you stuck twigs in your ears with these silver drop earrings. You could dress as an evil fairy among the forest.

I love the oceanic style of these coral branch rings. If any of you are big sailors, these sinister rings are fantastic. Plus, they aren't too bulky!

This Inguz rune ring represents true love, harmony, and fertility. It's supposed to help being these things to life. If you're looking for true love then perhaps this will be helpful to you.

Instead of buying a bunch of little elvish rings you can have this stacked elvish ring. The jagged branches are really unsettling.

I'm really amazed by the intricate work of these beautifully dark jewelry from the Red Sofa shop. What do you think? I think these are great for even wedding band options too. Tell me your thoughts think below!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Goth Shop of the Week: The Altered City

For all your steampunk and goth needs take a look at The Altered City. They have some of the most elegant and practical goth garb I have seen. Not only that, but they have an assortment of accessories to match!

This gothic black coat with long tail is jaw dropping! I wish I could get this without breaking the bank. I would only wear this for very special occasions like a very chic dinner party or going to a haunting opera. Secretly, I would wear it around my home in private, pretending to be a sinister baroness (evil cackling commences!)

If you're looking for a more vampiric style, this black Victorian collar is an ideal pick. This is fabulous for malevolent tyrannical queens and admirers of the underworld alike.

This seductive goth leather skirt would be so awesome to have during fall. Once the weather starts becoming more gloomy and dingy you could put this on for warmth. Add some boots with some fishnet stockings and you're ready to go.

I am impressed by this steampunk underbust corset! The metal embellishments are so intricate and unique. It makes this corset more special than others I have seen. Plus there are so many other details embedded in the faux leather. It's a very stunning piece!

It may be a very simple gothic spike choker, but you can wear it with everything: corsets, dresses, or even ragged tee shirts. This sinister piece of jewelry is a great addition to your outfits. It comes in two colors, but I like the silver the most.

I know there are a lot of gothic chokers like this 3 cross necklace. I really love the lace, but most of all I love the roses that surround the black gem. The three crosses hanging down are different than most chokers with similar traits.

Here's a very pretty white and cream steampunk choker. Though I wish it had a few more things hanging down from the stunning gold jewel in the middle. I think a few gears or keys would really enhance this piece!

Take a look at these angel wing earrings and necklace. As you take to the sky in your airship, wear these to signify flight. I confess, I wish they were more like demon wings instead of angel wings! The ornate design in the wings are fabulous though.

What a lovely shade of copper on this steampunk buckled corset. You could potentially hang all kinds of things off the rings, just make sure it isn't too heavy. It would be cool to decorate it however you would like. Wouldn't you want to get her whole outfit? I'm a bit jealous!

Check out the other items you can find at The Altered City on Etsy. It's great for steampunk and goth gear. Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think.

New Vegan Friendly Gorgeous Classic Edition Books for Your Gothic Home Library

As a lifelong vegetarian, I also have chosen not to wear leather or use animal products if I can manage to avoid it. So over the years I've sadly drooled over, admired, but bypassed the lovely leatherbound Barnes & Noble classic editions of my favorite dark tales. I've wanted so badly to put them on my home library bookshelves.

So I am very delighted to find out that Barnes & Noble produced these flexibound books with the same gorgeous cover designs. Now myself and other vegetarians or vegans who choose not to use animal products can add these beautiful books to our gothic libraries.

Each book in the series has flexibound foam covers, high quality paper and some sort of fancy embellishment to the edges of the paper (gilt in silver, gold, or red for the Dracula edition). They're also less expensive than their leatherbound counterparts. Let's take a look at the current crop of dark offerings:

Dracula Flexibound Edition on Amazon and on eBay

Frankenstein Flexibound Edition on eBay and on Amazon

Flexibound Edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray, on Amazon and on eBay

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Flexibound Edition, on eBay and on Amazon

I can't wait to see what other Flexi-Format collectible editions they come out with next!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Intriguing New Non-Fiction Book: Bitten by Witch Fever

Bitten by Witch Fever: Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Nineteenth-Century Home comes out on October 11. Just in time to spend a few nice chilly autumn evenings in front of my fireplace, wine glass at my side, devouring the morbid content.

The author is Lucinda Hawksley, author of many non-fiction history books on Charles Dickens, the Pre-Raphaelites and their tragic models, and one on Princess Louise, Queen Victoria's rebellious daughter.

Here's the book's description from the publisher's website:

In Germany, in 1814, Wilhelm Sattler created an extremely toxic arsenic and verdigris compound pigment, Schweinfurt green – known also as Paris, Vienna, or emerald green – which became an instant favorite amongst designers and manufacturers the world over, thanks to its versatility in creating enduring yellows, vivid greens, and brilliant blues. Most insidiously, the arsenic-laced pigment made its way into intricately patterned, brightly colored wallpapers and from there, as they became increasingly in vogue, into the Victorian home. As its use became widespread, commercial arsenic mines increased production to meet the near-insatiable demand. Not least of which was the UK’s largest mining plant, DGC, whose owner was William Morris, originator of the British Arts and Crafts movement and arguably the finest wallpaper designer of his generation. Bitten by Witch Fever (Morris’s own phrase to dismiss arsenic - and wall-paper-related public health concerns in 1885) tells this fatal story of Victorian home d├ęcor, building upon new research conducted especially for this book by the British National Archive, on their own samples. Spliced between the sections of text are stunning facsimiles of the wallpapers themselves.

I certainly hope the author of the book doesn't use so many long run-on sentences as the publishers did! Anyway, i'm intrigued to see the photos of the vintage wallpapers!

Publishers Weekly reviewed this book a couple of days ago, writing that "The book is lovely, with 275 stunning wallpapers spliced into an intriguing narrative about the lore of arsenic, often called the poison of kings."

Booktopia's review calls it "Beautiful to look at and compelling to read, Bitten by Witch Fever is a highly original and captivating volume that interleaves facsimile sections of alluring, arsenic-laden wallpapers with thought-provoking narrative."

Do you enjoy non-fiction books? Does this one intrigue you at all? Let me know in the comments section below.

Metamorph Quirky Couture's Exquisite Gothic Fantasy Headpieces

For your next big purchase, you may want to consider one of these exquisite gothic fantasy headpieces from MetamorphQC on Etsy. These are made by a very talented dark mom and pop shop. The headdresses are perfect for modeling, conventions, or nightclubs.

Who knows what actually happens when we fall from heaven? This fallen angel feather headpiece is elegant and slightly evil. Of course, the black feathers are a necessity. There is a lot you can do with this headdress to make it more corrupt.

I can see this off-white horn headdress used for cosplay. It would be horrifying to dress as a traditional Japanese ghost (yurei) and wear this to add some extra height and airiness. It's a beautifully disturbing headdress, in my opinion.

You could wear this chic black lace mask to distort your face. You would look alluring yet malevolent. Wear this to a funeral or just for sauntering through a graveyard. You can greet all the dead spirits as you pass.

There's the option of having a cream lace mask instead. You could get away with wearing this to a masquerade. Either way, I would wear both the black and white masks, because they are not as extravagant as the other headpieces.

I'm so excited to wander in the moonlight during fall this year. I can imagine myself wearing this black flower crown in my gothic garden. It is so tempting, as it would go well with all of my dresses.

This black art wig is supposed to represent a more sinister version of the God Pan. It's more feminine, but you can see the resemblance. The lace on this headdress forms a devil horn shape. I love how the hair falls from the lace.

Speaking of Pan, the white ram horn headdress is also relatable to the notorious god. It's definitely scary, but in a more otherworldly kind of way. There are a variety of ways to use this headpiece to create an unsettling creature.

This luxurious beaded fringe black headdress takes us back to the 1920's. This is definitely something flappers would have worn. I would enjoy wearing this headdress with a black beady flapper dress - stunning!

If you're looking for something clearly diabolical, the black horned headdress with lace and tassels kind of freaks me out. I can see Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld, wearing a headpiece this ornate. An evil succubus would wear something like this as well. It's obvious, something from hell needs to wear this.

Don't you think these are amazing? The gothic fantasy headpieces from MetamorphQC on Etsy are perfect for many elaborate events. They're also really beautiful to look at and quite inspirational. I know I have some book ideas after looking at this store! Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think of these headdresses.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dark and Slightly Spooky Cardigans for Chilly Autumn Workdays

Now that it's autumn, it's time to think about chillier weather! These dark cardigans are great for autumn work and school days. They're from Banned Clothing, and they look very comfy and warm - check it out!

This is like the macabre version of a yin and yang. The "Lovers Skulls" lace trim cardigan is cute and a little sinister. I really enjoy the lace on the front. I feel like it gives this sweater more character!

Do you see the little hearts on the sleeve of this sugar skull long sleeve cardigan? It's so cute! This isn't as dark as I want it to be (due to the happy grins on the skulls' faces), but it's still a great sweater. It looks very warm!

I think I am in love with this "The Lock of Love" long sleeve cardigan. The ribbons, colors, and bows are so whimsical. Of course, the skeleton lock with the keys on each shoulder are fantastic.

Here's a classic horror-themed Frankenstein's Monster and His Bride cardigan.

It's nice to be able to find somewhat spooky cardigans for this time of year, don't you think? What is your opinion about these dark cardigans? Comment below!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gothic Jewelry and Accessories from Arthlin

Does your neck feel a little empty? Yes, I realize how strange this question is. These accessories will fill that empty void nicely. Most of these are lovely and lacy - my favorite! Add a bit of elegance to your dreary garb with gothic jewelry and accessories from Arthlin on Etsy.

This black lace choker necklace is such a classic. It's looks so whimsical and haunting with the black beads hanging below. I do love how the flowers are simple in design.

You could wear a spooky dress with this black bib lace necklace with jet Swarovski rhinestones. It is a very alluring piece which will enhance any of your outfits.

Originally I thought these were beads woven together. The wide black lace choker necklace is dramatic and perfect for funerals or other somber events. If you're looking for a show stopper, this is it!

I'm in love with this romantic black lace flowers choker. You could wear this during a midnight stroll with your partner under a full moon this fall.

If you are a part of a burlesque act, this woman bow tie choker necklace adds a little darker element. I would wear this with a red or dark purple corset and a simple black skirt.

The red satin choker necklace with long glass beads is fit for a vampire. The tiny gothic cross is a great touch for such a simple and chic piece of jewelry. Even though it isn't black, it represents a very dark side.

Do you think this woman looks very ghostly? The black cameo with cream woman figure pendant is beautifully haunting. She actually looks like she is alive within the jewel.

You could wear this violet satin choker with black stone and look like the villainous Queen in Snow White. The stone even looks like the magic mirror on the wall. It also looks like a scrying mirror.

If you're like me, sometimes I need variety in color, so sometimes I prefer white jewelry. This very authentic Victorian white lace choker is a great addition to your collection.

I think this looks very modern. You can make this large red rose black satin choker incredibly sinister depending on the rest of your attire! If the gem hanging below was any other color, it wouldn't be dark enough for me.

All I can say is that this gothic pewter cross pendant on a black velvet choker necklace is perfection. I want to see more jewelry with gothic crosses, because that's what I grew up with.

Speaking of having other colored accessories, this mauve flower cameo pendant with purple satin necklace is a necessity. The antiqued look is very stunning. The only issue I may have about this pendant is that it looks like there's glitter on it.

I know lots of these are very lacy, but lace is my favorite fabric! What is your take on these pieces? These gothic jewelry and accessories from Arthlin are so wonderful and ominous. Make sure to comment below and let me know which one you like the most!