Creepy Gothic Dolls by CosyDolls on Etsy

I have a niece who is absolutely terrified of dolls. One part of me is thinking "well, that would be an easy and fun way to scare her!" The other part of me just feels a little bad for her. Even in the most disturbing of art, including dolls, there is a hidden beauty that she won't be able to appreciate.

I have to admit, these gothic art dolls by CosyDolls actually give me chills. I don't think I could ever get one - they are pretty pricy - but they are interesting to look at. It would also be another thing to see them in person!

Clearly the most defining feature of the Rebeca art doll is that she doesn't have any eyes! I want to learn about how she lost her sight.

The Regal Darkness goth doll kind of freaks me out. I love the design and its outfit is absolutely stunning. I think the reason why this doll is a little off-putting is that I'm not sure what its head is made out of. Is it a bunch of tags? Or is it metal work? It's hard to tell!

I hope you are not afraid of this beautiful mermaid art doll. I have always wanted to have bright red hair like hers. Do you notice how intricate and elaborate her crown is? I think she has sadness in her eyes. If anything I would say she is a more adult version of Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

The garb of this Plague Doctor art doll is perfect. Can you imagine suffering from the plague, and then a sinister figure such as this walks up to you claiming to be able to help you? Out of desperation you let them handle your disease, until they begin the bloodletting.

I'm amazed at how ancient this Marilyn Lane horror art doll looks. I can see her being a relic of the past. I imagine her being passed down from generation to generation. Over time she has decomposed to look the way she does now. Does she look melancholy to you? Maybe it's from all the violence and terror she has seen over time.

The Emmanuel gothic horror art doll takes The Corpse Bride to a new level. She looks feral or completely possessed. It's no doubt that she is ready to attack her prey, which could be anything! Her skin is grey and mummy-like. It's pretty gross.

It doesn't surprise me that one of God's fallen angels would emit such elegance as this Lucifer art doll. I always forget how creepy cream and white can be if done correctly. Has Lucifer lost its eyes or maybe it is just blind? There's an eerie calmness about this art doll that really creeps me out.

These are quite interesting to look at. I always enjoy seeing people's art, especially in doll form. For some reason these are extra spooky! Check out gothic art dolls by CosyDolls on Etsy. Which one do you like the most? Make sure to comment below!