Dark and Whimsical Hats by Caribbean Rose Pirate

Are you having trouble finding a luxuriously grim hat for your next event? There's a hat for every occasion and every personality at Caribbean Rose Pirate on Etsy. If you want something that is simple and elegant, they will have it. I'm sure you'll be excited to know that they do have steampunk selection. Check it out for yourself!

Oh my goodness, this Chase the Dragon hat is perfect for all occasions. The black velvet is enhanced by the silver embellishments and white lace lining the brim. Plus, it looks like it would be comfortable for winter and fall.

This Mary Wolstencraft Shelley hat is my favorite! I appreciate the artist's take on what kind of hat Mary Shelley would wear. The colors are fantastic and I love the floral black and white bow tied on the front.

This hat is like "pirate light" as far as I'm concerned. That's not a problem, because there are a lot of great features about the Chanson Triste de L'amour hat. It's gorgeous how the ostrich plumes flow in the back. I also enjoy the red and black ruffles on the brim.

Originally I overlooked this Daphne DuMaurier hat. Now that I am taking a closer look, I realize this hat looks Tim Burton-esque! The bows with the pink and purple stripes and very cute. I can imagine a Tim Burton character wearing this in a new movie!

This Symphonie en Noir et Bleu is glorious. It reminds me of the movie Blue Velvet (yes, I know, there isn't a hat like this in the movie). Since it does remind me of that movie, all I can think of is Dennis Hopper's disturbing character.

You could get this Estella Havisham hat for any future event. Even with the cream ruffles, it still is gracefully ghastly. I can see myself wearing this to a funeral and wandering around the graveyard.

I think this is the perfect steampunk hat! The 221 Baker Street hat is simple and cute. I love the layers of fabric giving it more dimension. Out of all the steampunk hats I have seen, I like this the best. Most steampunk styled hats look so overbearing. This one is definitely something you can wear everyday.

Which one is your favorite hat? Check out Caribbean Rose Pirate on Etsy. Do comment below and tell me your thoughts!