Gorgeous Burlesque Costume Corsets from Olga on Etsy

I need to make sure to get organized early and find some corsets for the next conventions I'm going to next year. I totally spaced last time and just ended up wearing pretty dreary and boring dresses. These burlesque corsets by Olga on Etsy are perfect for such occasions! There are many dark styles to choose from. Come take a peek!

I am in love with the stripes on this Storm burlesque corset. It reminds me of traditional Victorian garb. So beautiful!

The gems on this Black Widow corset are very elegant and really make this corset stand out. I do think this is the most practical one out of the bunch since it will match with just about everything.

This Harley Quinn corset is nothing like the Suicide Squad Harley attire. In fact, the corset is much better. You could use this for cosplay!

I definitely get the Gothic Lolita vibe when I see this Cotton Candy circus corset. They would look like pajamas if it wasn't for the feathers in the back.

The Geometric corset is really interesting. I love the colors, but the style doesn't really fit me, what about you?

The blue used on this Marie Antoinette corset is absolutely stunning. That lace work looks like something only royalty would be able to wear.

This Black Swan corset is so dark and reminds me of how disturbingly wonderful that movie is! The jewel embellishments are gorgeous.

I wish that this corset Michelle was black and white instead of green and black. That way it would look more like something from Beetlejuice!

The elegant black ruffles on the top are beautiful on this sullen Melissa corset. I don't have enough purple in my wardrobe and this is the perfect shade.

I feel like they used a similar design for this Green Fairy corset in Moulin Rouge. The lace embellishments on the sides are to die for!

This vibrant Phoenix corset is bound to turn heads. Its red hues and black lace work are devilishly delightful!

Maybe you could use this Poison Ivy corset for cosplay. The green color on this is not something I would normally wear, but it definitely has an intoxicating element to it.

I have a weakness for the color of this Absinthe corset. The black Victorian ornament on the side is very sophisticated.

This Black Canary corset is like a classic burlesque corset. The beads hanging from the front are simple and superb. I enjoy the flecks of gold which would sparkle in the light.

The feathers on this Purple Martini corset are so bright, they look poisonous. You could go to your favorite goth club in this!

Another Gothic Lolita corset is this Pink and Black burlesque corset. I like the lace work in this one more than the one above. Plus it's a little more sinister!

These are stunning, right? There are still plenty of burlesque corsets by Olga on Etsy to check out. Is there one or two that really stand out to you? I really love the Melissa corset and Absinthe corset. Comment below!