Goth Shop of the Week: The Altered City

For all your steampunk and goth needs take a look at The Altered City. They have some of the most elegant and practical goth garb I have seen. Not only that, but they have an assortment of accessories to match!

This gothic black coat with long tail is jaw dropping! I wish I could get this without breaking the bank. I would only wear this for very special occasions like a very chic dinner party or going to a haunting opera. Secretly, I would wear it around my home in private, pretending to be a sinister baroness (evil cackling commences!)

If you're looking for a more vampiric style, this black Victorian collar is an ideal pick. This is fabulous for malevolent tyrannical queens and admirers of the underworld alike.

This seductive goth leather skirt would be so awesome to have during fall. Once the weather starts becoming more gloomy and dingy you could put this on for warmth. Add some boots with some fishnet stockings and you're ready to go.

I am impressed by this steampunk underbust corset! The metal embellishments are so intricate and unique. It makes this corset more special than others I have seen. Plus there are so many other details embedded in the faux leather. It's a very stunning piece!

It may be a very simple gothic spike choker, but you can wear it with everything: corsets, dresses, or even ragged tee shirts. This sinister piece of jewelry is a great addition to your outfits. It comes in two colors, but I like the silver the most.

I know there are a lot of gothic chokers like this 3 cross necklace. I really love the lace, but most of all I love the roses that surround the black gem. The three crosses hanging down are different than most chokers with similar traits.

Here's a very pretty white and cream steampunk choker. Though I wish it had a few more things hanging down from the stunning gold jewel in the middle. I think a few gears or keys would really enhance this piece!

Take a look at these angel wing earrings and necklace. As you take to the sky in your airship, wear these to signify flight. I confess, I wish they were more like demon wings instead of angel wings! The ornate design in the wings are fabulous though.

What a lovely shade of copper on this steampunk buckled corset. You could potentially hang all kinds of things off the rings, just make sure it isn't too heavy. It would be cool to decorate it however you would like. Wouldn't you want to get her whole outfit? I'm a bit jealous!

Check out the other items you can find at The Altered City on Etsy. It's great for steampunk and goth gear. Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think.