Goth Shop of the Week: Nashimirons

Having a lot of options for goth accessories is really a wonderful luxury. Take a peek at Nashimirons on Etsy for more ghastly goodies!

The grim illustrations on this Gothic fantasy bonnet are quite beautiful. Do you think this is a scene from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"? The hat looks like more malevolent pirate hat with the feathers sticking out in the back.

I'm so impressed by the intricate lace work on this black red mini tritop. The red fabric ties it all together and has a very vampiric look. The black rose is amazing!

I can imagine a mysterious and spooky creature wearing this dark purple ruffle collar scarfette. Only a queen would be fit to wear something this ornate. Don't you love the dark purple color?

This is the perfect dark Victorian top hat. The antique jewel embellished on the front is a wonderful addition. I definitely enjoy this oversized black and red bow hanging from the side!

There are also accessories that are steampunk oriented. This steampunk brown top hat is a great example of that! The little details on the top of the hat are gorgeous. The pleated ribbons give a lot of dimension to it.

This black lace gothic cape is perfect for wandering around a cemetery. It's whimsical and haunting, perfect for visiting the dead. I wish I found this earlier, because it's great for summertime since it is so lacy and airy.

I like how sinister this black purple minihat is. The different purples lining the edges really pop against the black. If Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter could be any darker than he would wear this! I actually think it looks like a black cake.

Of course, this gothic funeral top hat is a perfect addition to your goth wardrobe. Personally, I love having the option of pulling a veil down. If you have a memorial service coming up, wear this to commemorate the dead. It would look absolutely stunning.

The ruffle scarfette collar dark purple is something an evil tyrant would wear. It would also be an interesting element to your cybergoth gear. Don't you think this piece looks like it's elongating the mannequin's neck? It's a little unsettling.

The skulls and bats minihat is pretty spooky! The skull on the brim is my favorite feature. Don't you think the shape of the hat is really interesting? It looks like a spade as it comes to a point on the front.

I can see wearing this goth bolero wrap for all kinds of occasions. It can be for Halloween, a burlesque show, and for everyday attire. This adds a fun and wild layer to your outfit.

Check out other items from Nashimirons on Etsy. What do you think of all the styles of hats and accessories? Tell me about it down below!