Gothic Victorian Jewelry by Vilindery in Slovenia

If your dream has always been becoming the Queen of the Damned, this is a great place to start. That is all I thought when I saw this gorgeous gothic Victorian jewelry by Vilindery on Etsy. Mind you, there isn't even a hair of modern flair, which I enjoy personally. Lots of these can be used with elaborate costumes, weddings, or for personal use. Keep in mind, many of these come in sets or individually - check it out!

The lace on this red rose choker is just creeping up your neck. It is perfect for royalty, because of how flowery the piece looks. Personally, it wouldn't work for my face, but it looks lovely on others.

As you can see this vampire jewelry set is just flawless. I can also see this being worn by a vampire slayer! I definitely love the dark red wine color, it looks like blood.

This little black vampire cuff is a fantastic addition for any Gothic Lolita garb. I can see a bee or moth stitched on the bracelet. Perhaps it symbolises the "lively" side of being dead.

I definitely like the black and red against the white. The white and black choker is something I can see being worn in Sweeney Todd!

You could add so much personality with this red ruffled bolero collar. It screams bloodlusting queen or evil tyrant!

I bet you're surprised to see this steampunk jewelry set. It's really stunning, especially with all the gears and bronze fabric. You could make a very simple costume look very elaborate with these accessories.

By wearing this Ice Queen collar you will exude a cold and heartless energy. Since it is a gray hue it really feels dreary and subtly horrifying. It is like the calm before the storm, especially with the spiky jewel hanging from the front.

I recommend that you wear this violet Victorian jewelry set during fall. The purple color against the reds, oranges, and yellows is radiant. Purple is starting to grow on me, as it's more of an enigmatic color. I can imagine a mysterious figure wearing this set while bringing death to the land.

This is a beautiful piece for the holidays and beyond. If you feel obligated to take photos for family and friends, it would be mildly haunting by wearing this white winter cuff. Hands down, you would be the most elegant person in the picture!

A dark fairy empress would definitely wear this green jewelry set. I can see all the elements of a forest featured. The gold jewelry contrasts the green hues beautifully.

Don't you think this black choker with rose cameo is perfect for all occasions? I love the gold embellishments that pop against the black lacy fabric!

As you can see, all of these are great for a mistress of the darkness. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, just look at the rest of the gothic Victorian jewelry by Vilindery on Etsy. Which one is your favorite? Mine has to be the violet Victorian jewelry set. Tell me down below!