Red Selena's Elegant Gothic Jewelry from Moscow

I'm already thinking about the holidays, mostly because I don't want to get caught up in all the last minute shopping "traffic." I instantly thought of a few of my nieces when I saw the Red Selena shop on Etsy. This delightfully dark costume jewelry is perfect for all year round.

If you're looking for a goth and steampunk combo, then check out this red necklace Victorian steampunk choker. I can't really think of anything more perfect than these two elements together. You would be able to pull off a steampunk vampire using this piece! That would be a sweet costume!

Do you notice how eerie the black jewels embedded on this necklace are? This key gothic necklace is also called "Persephone's Key", which unlocks the door to the Underworld. The necklace is great for steampunk attire, too! I'm so stunned by the ornate metalwork that went into this piece.

This steampunk jewelry set has all the elements of a futuristic Victorian age! Of course, the different kinds of gears attached to each other are awesome. The angel wings are a cool addition, symbolizing flight!

I love how ominously romantic this rose cameo jewelry set is. It is gorgeous and perfect for your elegant and dark garb. I was so excited to see how this lace enhances the black rose gem in the center. They look like dangerous vines wrapping around your neck.

If you thought the lace work above was amazing, check out this butterfly lace choker. I personally love accessories that are mostly made from fabric, because of how malleable it is. This choker is a play on very traditional Victorian jewelry. The ghostly white color with the butterfly jewel reminds me of the next stage of life - death.

I was paralyzed when I first saw the dragon eye key necklace. It's creepy knowing that this dragon eye is staring right through your soul! I do wish that this was an orange or yellow eye with black or red jewels. I feel like that would make it extra creepy.

Even though this isn't as ornate as most of the jewelry on this Etsy store, I love its simplicity. The velvet steampunk choker only has a few gears on the front, but they look like beautiful bronze flowers.

The deep red lace on this red vampire jewelry set is amazing! It was hard for me to distinguish that the jewel embedded is actually a unicorn. I honestly thought it was a bloody anatomical heart, which I would prefer. I definitely can imagine a vampire queen wearing jewelry like this choker and cuffs.

The Lammas necklace is mystical and natural. Any witch would feel more magical wearing something this stunning. There are still Victorian elements, such as the adorned frame around the tree of life gem. The antlers are a great feature.

These aren't too pricey, but they look so sophisticated. There are plenty of pieces of gothic costume jewelry by Red Selena on Etsy. Do any of them catch your eye? Take a look and comment below!