Dark Art Prints from Harriet's Imaginations

I am always so excited when I find an artist whose soul is about as dark and slightly morbid as mine! This Etsy store, Harriet's Imaginations is very unique. I love how adorably sinister each print is. The girls have very childish features, but they are set in twisted and strange environments.

It's a little unsettling how the bride and groom have gigantic heads in this Gothic Romance print. I enjoy the array of colors used to create such an eerie environment.

Don't be fooled by the innocent look in the Fallen Angel print. She may look shy, but there is a reason why she fell from heaven!

I think that the vampire in this Guilty Conscience print looks like Claudia from Interview with the Vampire. I adore the cross on her forehead - it's so evil!

The mischievous look on the girl from The Spinster print is delightful! Her dress is extra wonderful because of the webs intertwined.

Did the Queen of Hearts lose an eye? Her face looks cracked, as if her body is overflowing with thorny roses.

The girl in Lolita & Blackbirds looks so stern and fierce! I wonder why she keeps so many birds in such a large cage?

To me, The Lengths I'd Go To Be With You print is like a young woman approaching death. There is an air of romance attached to this painting. Her forlorn face is quite pretty.

These two twins should be in a horror movie! I am enthralled with the purple dresses the girls are wearing in The Outsiders print.

Don't you think the Merry Go Round print is strangely cute? She looks quite satisfied running the carousel with her smock!

I can't help but love this Tea and Tidings print, since I have such an obsession with tea! I think that these twins are creepier than the ones above.

This is such a surreal painting. The You've Moved On print looks like the fairies are guides to the realm of the Underworld.

I've never seen Lizzie Borden look so strangely elegant. It's almost as if this is a picture of her before she commits those murders.

Fill up those empty spaces on your walls with one of these dark and stunning prints by Harriet's Imaginations. These are just a few of my favorites, so if you find something you like of her's that isn't on the list, tell me about it! I'd love to see what kind of art you enjoy.