Autumn Stripes for Little Goth Girls

There are still whimsical fall clothes for little goth girls available that are to die for. It's not too late to get something a little dark and fun for the little ones for autumn this year.

Don't you think this dress looks like it came straight from an Edward Gorey piece? The flamestitch ruffley neckline sweater dress looks like it would keep your little one warm. Just add some gray stockings and a black jacket!

I wish I found this striped taffeta dress before school started. It would be perfect for some elegantly dreary photos. It would even work for a darker Christmas photo with the occasional silvery stripes.

This flocked stripe taffeta skirt works for both winter and autumn. The cold teal colors really pop against the black stripes. My favorite feature is the sequin applique at the waist - it's stunning.

Which is your favorite of the three dresses? I wish my niece was a little older, because I would have gotten all of these for her in a heart beat. Comment below!