Festive, Yet Morbid Winter Clothing from Sourpuss

I'm getting quite a laugh out of Sourpuss's "Gingerdead" holiday sweater. The little gingerbread skeletons are so cute!

Here's a matching pair of red and black Gingerdead leggings.

They also make a Gingerdead sweater dress in case that runs more to your liking.

You can find more Gingerdead clothes on eBay.

Here's another irreverent holiday option from Sourpuss: "Sleigh Me." The design features a skeletal reindeer, an undead snowman, skulls and snowflakes. How merry!

You can keep your legs warm with the matching Sleigh Me leggings, too.

And here's a jolly matching Sleigh Me knitted cap, too.

You can find more Sourpuss "Sleigh Me" clothing on eBay.

Happy bleak holidays!