Pathetically Cute Walking Dead Mopeez Plush Toys

Who would have thought a world full of blood soaked zombies could possibly be cute? These Walking Dead Mopeez plus toys have changed my perspective! Too bad there aren't any zombies, but they do have lots of my favorite characters available. Take a peek!

Even though Daryl Dixon is technically not the main character, you can't help but love him! I would pick him to be my partner through the zombie apocalypse any day.

Oh Rick Grimes... The expression on this Mopeez plush's face is exactly how I feel about Rick. You may love Rick, so take this sheriff with you everywhere!

Is it too soon? This Hershel plush is oddly adorable. I wish he was holding his cane! He's even displaying his eternally distressed look that he does on the show!

I am loving this Glenn Mopeez plush. The hardcore expression on his face mixed with his body armor is hilarious. I wouldn't mind hanging out with this Glenn plush during my work day!

You would feel safe and sound with Michonne by your side. I know she's supposed to be threatening, but she's too cute!

This is one of my favorite Walking Dead characters. Do you think enough time has passed to get this Tyreese Mopeez plush without shedding at least a few tears?

You can get all six Walking Dead Mopeez plush toys on Amazon and lay them out for your next Walking Dead marathon. This would be an awesome collection to start.

Aren't these Walking Dead Mopeez plush toys a little too adorable to pass up? Make sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts!