Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Current Favorite Goth Umbrella for Spring

I adore pagoda umbrellas, and this lace and bows one from the Hilary's Vanity shop on eBay is just too perfect!

Imagine yourself romping gaily through a cemetery picnic, clutching this darling umbrella to protect yourself from wind, ran or - horrors - the sun!

This umbrella is made from satin, and trimmed with lace around the edges. So cute!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nightmare Before Christmas Scarves for Spring from Canis Picta

Here's some adorable lightweight Nightmare Before Christmas scarves that I thought might be perfect for spring. They won't keep you warm or keep rain off of you, but they'll wittily accessorize your springtime goth outfits.

They're from a shop called Canis Picta that sells all sorts of cool pop-culture goodies.

Their Nightmare Before Christmas scarf selection includes Zero's face, Zero in a repeating pattern, Sally's dress print, Jack Skellington's face, Shock, Lock, Barrel, a combo of This is Halloween/Making Christmas, and Jack Skellington's suit print.

I'd have a hard time deciding - Which one tempts you the most?

It occurs to me that these are so large, I might drape them over a table, a bookcase, or another area of my home for a nice dark decorating touch!