Sourpuss's New Soft Blankets for Halloween and Autumn

I know I'm not the only one sitting here sweating, frantically drinking iced tea and looking forward to the arrival of autumn. Anticipating chilly nights ahead, I'm shopping around for some cozy throw blankets. Here's a few tempting ones from Sourpuss!

The "Black Cats" blanket is perfect for cuddling up with your pets whilst watching horror movies. (Perhaps no cuddling should you own a dog and happen to be watching "Cujo" together!)

I find Sourpuss's Skull blanket to be quite versatile. You can use it in autumn, at Easter, on your birthday, on the way to a funeral, etc!

The "Batt Attack" blanket features black bats on a red background. How perfect for Christmastime!

If your tastes run more to steampunk, the Octopus blanket might fit nicely into your home decor.

Happy cuddling!